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Was it appropriate for Daniel to discuss his concerns about Hambali with the university’s Director and Coordinator prior to discussing the matter with Hambali himself? as an engineer I think what Daniel do is right because he need to act professionally because it is mentioned in the engineering canons where engineers shall act In such a manner as to uphold and enhance the honor integrity and dignity of the profession. But then it doesn’t mean that Daniel shouldn’t need to see Hambali personally to discuss the matter in fact it is a must, because of Daniel has to act professional he need to do it step by step. This is also Daniel’s duty as a engineer where he needs to tell the truth as mentioned by Immanuel Kant that duties are absolute and unconditional..

Should Daniel have a conversation with Hambali about his concerns? If so, what type of conversation should Daniel have with Hambali when he talks with him?
In my opinion Daniel should have a conversation with Hambali about his concerns and Daniel should have a formal conversation with hambali because what he is done is against the codes of ethics of an engineer that is being honest and impartial and serving with fidelity the public their employers and clients. Then he need to explained all the ethics and fundamental canons of being an engineer because engineer serve for the society we all need to behave. Other than that by having a conversation with Hambali it will make he realize that practice the engineering ethics is very important and when Hambali admits his mistake he will get a lesson from it and slightly if not much improve his ethical judgement .

What comments would you make about the supervision given to students at ABC?
If we look from the positive aspect, we could say that the supervision given to students at ABC Company was based on trust. They let the students to be independent and carry out...

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