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How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia
Guide for migrant professional engineers, engineering technologists and engineering associates



“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

Author: Jennifer O’Donovan, Manager Career Development Centre, Engineers Australia, Sydney Editor: Dr Dietrich Georg Copyright 2013 © Engineers Australia All rights reserved Published by Engineers Media Pty Ltd, Crows Nest, Sydney,, on behalf of Engineers Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry is available from the National Library of Australia http://catalogue.nla. ISBN 978-1-922107-26-8 The material contained in this practice note is in the nature of general comment only and is not advice on any particular matter. No one should act on the basis of anything contained in this note without taking appropriate professional advice upon the particular circumstances. The publisher and the author do not accept responsibility for the consequences of any action taken or omitted to be taken by any person on the basis of anything contained in or omitted from this note.

Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


1. Introduction 2. Preparing yourself 2.1. Language skills 2.2 Communication skills 2.3. Further study 2.4. Continuing professional development 2.5. Obtaining chartered status 3. Networking 3.1. Networking through personal contact 3.2. Networking through LinkedIn 3.3. Networking through Facebook 4. Where to look for jobs 4.1. General job websites 4.2. Specialist job websites in engineering 4.3 Direct approach to employers 5. Location of employment 6. Local experience outside engineering 6.1. Outside engineering 6.2. Within engineering 7. How to prepare a job application 7.1. Covering letter 7.2. Curriculum vitae (CV) 8. How to prepare for an interview 8.1. Arrangements 8.2. Research the organisation and the industry 8.3. Be prepared to talk about yourself 8.4. Anticipate the interviewer’s questions 8.5. Appearance 8.6. Behaviour 8.7. Other hints 9. Resources for Engineers Australia members 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10

Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

10. Other services 11. Success stories 11.1 Hosein Rashidi Zadeh 11.2 Cassio Donato 11.3 Namvar Yaghooti

11 11 11 12 12

12. Appendices 12.1. Cover letter 12.2. Curriculum vitae

14 14 15

Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


This guide is directed at migrant professional engineers, engineering technologists and engineering associates who have recently arrived in Australia on permanent residence visas and have fulfilled Engineers Australia’s Stage 1 competencies. For information on competencies go to competency-standards-stage-2-revision.

Migrant engineers are a valuable source of engineering expertise and they should be given a chance to help meet the demand for engineering skills in this country. According to Engineers Australia’s engineering labour market overview for 2012, the Australian engineering labour force is at present highly dependent on overseas born engineers through skilled migration (see ). In fact, skilled migration now provides over 70% of Australia’s new engineers (the remainder coming from Australia’s own tertiary institutions). This guide provides tips and suggestions for new migrant professional engineers, engineering technologists and engineering associates to tap into this demand and prepare themselves in the best possible way to maximise their chances of getting their first engineering job in Australia.

2.1. Language skills
One of the most important aspects of getting a job is proficiency in English, both verbally and in writing. As a start, you can enrol in a language course which will help you improve your grammar and conversational skill. There are a number of providers that offer language courses such as TAFE Colleges or private institutions in your local area, eg • • • WEA in Sydney Australia Network My skills eys=english:true

2.2. Communication skills
Proficiency in English will lead to improved communication skills. After getting your overseas qualifications approved and your work permit, improving your communication skills is the most important aspect of your preparation for the Australian job market. A candidate’s communication skills can make the difference between getting a job and missing out. Good communication involves more than language proficiency. For instance, it includes seemingly simple things such as making and confirming an appointment for an interview. If a potential employer offers a time, date and place to meet, it is expected that you confirm the meeting beforehand, rather than just turn up at the proposed date and time. Engineers Australia’s own continuing education company Engineering Education Australia offers communication courses tailored for migrant engineers (see Another way of gaining confidence in communicating is to seek opportunities for public speaking, for instance giving a presentation at a meeting of one of Engineers Australia’s special interest groups about your past experiences in your country of origin. Or you could volunteer to chair a meeting. This would help increase your confidence in a business-like environment. Engineers Australia has eight Colleges – the Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Information Technology and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical, and Structural College. Each College has a number of specialised national committees which you can find on Engineers Australia’s website colleges. Engineers Australia also has a number of Technical Societies which focus on specific areas of professional engineering practice. You can find them on Engineers Australia’s website as well, under https://www.engineersaustralia.

2.3. Further study
Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

Your skills might need updating or adapting to Australian regulations and standards. For instance, a Master’s degree in your area of expertise could help you give your overseas qualifications and experience currency in Australia. Most universities in Australia offer postgraduate courses in a number of engineering areas.

2.4. Continuing professional development
Shorter courses in specific engineering areas are being offered by Engineers Australia’s continuing professional development company Engineering Education Australia ( Also, Engineers Australia offers online continuing professional development through its Divisions. Some technical presentations are being video recorded and can be viewed at In addition, Sydney Division has presentation slides and notes available from other technical events. These can be accessed at

2.5. Obtaining chartered status
Engineers Australia is the custodian of the chartered status in the engineering profession. All three membership categories - professional engineers, engineering technologists and engineering associates - can obtain chartered status. Chartered membership of Engineers Australia is an acknowledgement of your professionalism. It certifies that you have been practising in a competent, independent and ethical manner in your field of expertise. You can apply for chartered status even if you lack local experience. You must document the work you did before migrating to Australia and have it verified by your supervisors at the time. Engineers Australia offers practising engineers (not available to recent graduates) three pathways towards chartered status - the Engineering Competency Report (ECR) pathway, the Mature Experienced Engineer (MEE) pathway, and the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) pathway. Find out more at the eChartered portal

Networking is a very important way of getting to know other engineers and making yourself known among other engineers.

3.1. Networking through personal contact
Engineers Australia offers opportunities for networking through its Divisions and local groups in your city or regional town. Attend meetings, check the list of attendees and seek out those who work in your field of expertise and might be interested in your skills. To get a conversation going at a meeting, have a set of questions ready in your mind. After introducing yourself you might ask who the person is working for, what his or her role is, where the company is based and what projects it is undertaking. In return, state clearly and without embellishment your areas of expertise and experience. A business card with your details, which you can hand out at these functions, would be useful. Ask for business cards in return and follow up on conversations later. Find out as much as possible about the companies your contacts are working for before calling them. Be clear of what you can offer – your qualifications, expertise and experience. Also, present yourself as a professional. That includes dressing professionally and having a professionally printed business card. Treat information given to you with confidentiality. The more others trust you the more they are likely to share information with you, namely information that is not widely known yet such as upcoming projects.

3.2. Networking through LinkedIn
If you don’t already have one, create a LinkedIn profile and import your address book. Complete your entire profile, just like you would a résumé, but include the same bio/profile you are using on other applications and ensure that the summary section is complete. If you can, get at least one recommendation from a supervisor or friend. Recommendations on LinkedIn from former coworkers are a great way to provide future employers with an insight into the person they might be hiring. One of the best ways to meet people is to join some groups. Whatever your interest or industry there’s probably a group for that. If you want to meet recruiters or people in your industry, click on the Groups tab and start exploring. Once you’ve joined a few groups, read and contribute to the existing discussions. You can also start discussions of your own by posing a question or posting articles of interest to the group.

Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


3.3. Networking through Facebook
Facebook probably isn’t at the top of and perhaps not at all on your list for job searching, but as it is the largest social network in the world, it should be. Use Facebook as a search engine, pick a company. Any company. Chances are that if you type their name into the search box on Facebook they will have a “fan” page that contains, among other things, information on who they are, photos of their employees or their products, a current promotion or two and a list of job openings. Many companies are using Facebook to test potential employees’ knowledge of social media. Show you are on top of new trends.

There are several ways of finding out about jobs.

4.1. General job websites
A number of general job websites have categories in engineering and related areas. Following are some of them: • • • • • pcrid=19711234099&kword=sites%20recruitment%20sydney&match=b&referrer=gjobsearch

4.2. Specialist job websites in engineering
There are a number of websites specialising in engineering vacancies, including the following: • • • • • •

4.3 Direct approach to employers
You can find company names through web searches, reading the business press or looking at the Australian share market list. Careers expos organised by Engineers Australia are also useful to find out about engineering companies. These expos are generally held in March and April (see Before contacting a company, find out everything you can about it. Familiarise yourself with the type of engineering and special areas the company is operating in. Find out the current projects the company is involved in, etc. When calling a company it would be ideal if you have a name you can ask for, for instance from one of the networking functions you might have attended. Some companies list the names of their senior people on their websites. If you don’t have a name, you could ask for the engineering manager or the leader of the section you are interested in. Ask the receptionist for the name of the engineering manager before you are being transferred, and write it down for future reference. Ask for the spelling of the name, so that you can address the person correctly in a follow-up email. Try to get through to the engineering department, rather than human resources. The engineering department will be better able to answer your questions about the type of work they are doing, as well as about what is happening in your industry more generally. Make your first call an informative call rather than a direct inquiry about a job. Otherwise your conversation could be very short and you could miss out on useful information about the company and the industry sector. For instance, ask about advice on what is currently happening in the industry and where the engineering demand might be. At the end of the call, offer to send your CV (résumé) and state that you will call back once they had a chance to look at it. Even if there is no job opening at the time, find out whether your skills would match the company’s requirements. Keep calling the company in regular intervals to see whether a vacancy has become available and to indicate that you are still interested. Don’t expect them to call you.

Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

Where are you prepared to go for a job? Working in the mining industry might require living in regional or even remote areas. The large consulting engineering companies such as SKM, GHD, Cardno, Aurecon, SMEC or Coffey have offices throughout Australia and could be interested specifically in someone prepared to work in one of their regional offices. Regional centres around Australia generally offer full services such as health care and schooling for children.

6.1 Outside engineering
While you are searching for an engineering job, seek out a job in other areas, preferably where some customer service is involved such as hospitality or retail. This improves communication skills and confidence. It also shows any potential engineering employer that you have initiative and that you are able to handle an Australian work environment. Employers are after the following skills:. • • • • • • • • Initiative, which includes being able to adapt and being creative. Communication, which includes such areas as listening and understanding, public speaking and writing to the needs of a target audience. Teamwork, which is the ability to work with people of different ages, gender, race etc, as well as identifying the strengths of other team members. Technology, which includes basic IT skills and the ability to use IT to arrange and organise your work. Problem solving, which includes developing creative and innovative solutions, as well as resolving customer concerns. Self management, which includes having a personal vision and goal, taking responsibility and articulating your own ideas. Planning, which includes managing time and priorities, collecting, analysing and organising information and understanding basic business systems and their relationships.

Learning, which includes managing your own learning by using a range of learning mediums such as mentoring, networking etc, and looking for ongoing learning opportunities. All these are general skills, that can be acquired in many work environments. Therefore a job outside engineering will not only give you money and boost your confidence and morale, but will also give you experience that could become the deciding factor in getting an engineering job.

6.2 Within engineering
The biggest hurdle to landing your first engineering job often is your lack of local engineering experience. So the challenge is how to get local engineering experience without having an engineering job. One avenue would be to gain an internship for a limited time. For instance, Engineering Education Australia (Engineers Australia’s education and training company) is offering a course for migrant engineers that has an internship associated with it ( Other course providers offering internships include Navitas Professional in Perth ( au or and the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (, search for overseas migrant engineers). Another avenue might be to approach a company directly offering to work on a project for a limited time. Apart from getting local engineering experience, an internship can lead to the company offering you a part-time or full-time position as soon as a vacancy arises. If you have performed well, the company is likely to keep you rather than look for someone new, whose performance is unknown. If you get such an opportunity, ensure that the insurance (at minimum) is covered by the company. Also, be mindful that as a contractor you own the designs you create for the company unless your agreement with the company says otherwise. You should check your contract for these provisions.

Before responding to a job advertisement, read the requirements carefully and assess whether your expertise and experience are in line with them. Also, research the organisation that is offering the job. The closer you match the requirements the greater your chance to get an interview.
Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


There might be cases where you don’t have the specified expertise but believe you have some relevant experience. In such a case, state this upfront and give your reasons why you are applying nevertheless. Don’t try to pretend otherwise. The recipient of your application will appreciate your clear communication and is more likely to assess your experience more closely for the prospective job.

7.1. Covering letter
Every application requires a covering letter, in which you refer to the job advertisement and highlight your interest and why you think you would be a suitable person to do the job. The covering letter must be written specifically in response to each individual vacancy. Don’t use the same letter for different vacancies. See appendix 1 for sample covering letter.

7.2 Curriculum vitae (CV)
Here are some tips on how to write your CV (résumé): • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Include contact details – phone and email Write in 12-font size and a clear type face Use white space, leave room between sections Include academic results and recognition of overseas qualifications Use reverse chronological order of your previous employment – that is last job first Name the company you worked for, the role you held and the length of time you were there – months and years Consider including a web address for companies you have worked for that might be unkown in Australia. Describe your job duties – list 4 or 5 Highlight achievements in the role – list 1 or 2 Don’t go into too much detail for jobs more than 10 years ago Include professional memberships Add in anything that is relevant / helps you stand out – eg first aid certificate List work experience that is not engineering related as well – especially if that is all you have been able to find since coming to Australia List referees or say referees available upon request

See appendix 2 for a sample CV.

8.1. Arrangements
Confirm the date, time and location of the interview; plan to get there early. Try and find out the names of the people you will meet and the expected length of the interview.

8.2. Research the organisation and the industry
There are a number of sources of information available about companies and industries. Try their internet site, annual reports and other library resources. Use the information you have gathered during the course of the interview.

8.3. Be prepared to talk about yourself
Know what skills you have to offer. Be ready to give examples of how you’ve demonstrated these skills, rather than a yes/no answer. Be able to identify what the situation was, what you did, what the outcome was. If you don’t have much professional work experience, think of examples from your major university projects or social activities. Take evidence of your work and education with you, invest in a display book, don’t just have samples/documents loose or in an envelope – these documents are a reflection of you and are too precious to loose. Make copies of the more important ones which you could leave with the interviewer.

8.4. Anticipate the interviewer’s questions
Have answers ready for common questions. There are books available that list commonly asked interview questions.
Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

8.5. Appearance
First impressions count. Your dress for interview should be professional, tidy and leaning towards conservative. Avoid extremes of fashion. Clean your shoes. Don’t go overboard with aftershave, perfume or makeup.

8.6. Behaviour
Smile. Shake hands firmly. Be enthusiastic. Be polite to everyone you have contact with at the organisation. Be punctual. Don’t smoke or accept refreshments even if offered, nothing is worse than trying to answer a question with your mouth full. Thank the interviewer for their time. Restate your interest in the position and ask about the next step. Make a follow up call if you haven’t heard from them in the timeframe discussed at interview.

8.7. Other hints
• • • • • • Don’t lie or exaggerate your abilities, answer questions truthfully and as close to the point as possible. Avoid the appearance of being aggressive, conceited or a know-it-all. Switch off your mobile phone. Conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the position you are discussing. Greet the interviewer by name; if unsure of pronunciation, ask the person to repeat their name. Don’t forget about body language or non-verbal communication. Be alert, look people in the eye and maintain a good posture.

Engineers Australia has a national careers advisory service (go to In addition, each Division has a migrant engineers group where you can get assistance and where you can hear about others’ experiences. Following are the links to the migrant engineers groups in each Division:

Canberra Division: or phone: 02 6270 6519

Newcastle Division: or phone: 02 4926 4440

Northern Division: or phone: 08 8981 4137

Queensland Division: or phone: 07 3832 3749

South Australia Division: or phone: 08 8202 7100

Sydney Division: or phone: 02 9410 5600

Tasmania Division: or phone: 03 6234 2228

Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


Victoria Division: or phone: 03 9329 8188

Western Australia Division: or phone: 08 9321 3340

Other organisations that offer English language courses and job seeking and workplace skills for migrants include the NSW government organisation Skillmax, Holmesglen in Victoria ( and the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE in Queensland (

In this section three migrant engineers explain what they did to get their first engineering job in their new home country.

11.1. Hossein Rashidi Zadeh
Hossein Rashidi Zadeh migrated to Australia from Iran in 2011. He has a civil engineering degree and a masters in earthquake engineering. He worked on petrochemical and other industrial structures in Iran for seven years and on developing workflows for integrated project delivery in Dubai for three years.

What steps did you take to prepare yourself for an engineering job in Australia?
I first determined in which industry I wanted to be working and where that industry is growing in Australia in coming years. While working in the United Arab Emirates, I built up good networks with some Australian engineers and companies and studied their websites, public newsletters as well as the overall Australian economy and market requirements. I also utilised my LinkedIn profile to connect with successful professionals in Australia and get information which might not be found anywhere else. Furthermore, I improved my English speaking and writing skills through giving public technical speeches and presentations, and writing technical reports.

What hurdles did you have to overcome?
Despite my early inquiries from the UAE, I still lacked a professional network and industry intelligence in the new country. Another challenge was a shift from the hydrocarbon industry to mining. I also needed to prepare a competitive résumé and cover letter, improve my interview skills acknowledging that my accent probably was unfamiliar to many Australians.

How long did it take you to score that first job in engineering?
After studying full-time at the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (BNIT) for three months I scored my first job through the work placement program run by BNIT in another four months.

How helpful did you find Engineers Australia’s migrant / overseas qualified group?
I found it quite helpful and a fabulous networking venue where I could receive critical information about what others do to be successful. I became familiar with the supportive role of Engineers Australia and soon recognised the benefits of being a professional member of EA.

How did you overcome any frustrations and loss of hope?
When I arrived in Australia, I had prepared myself for the worst scenario. I had chosen Australia to peacefully settle down and enjoy freedom. I knew that for me freedom stands above anything else. Therefore, I was ready to leave my comfort zone and challenge difficulties. Nevertheless, frustration was an inevitable adversary after a few unsuccessful job applications. Fortunately, by regularly attending the events arranged by EA’s overseas group and understanding where I was standing compared to others and what steps I needed to take next I continually defined new short term goals and milestones for myself. Since then I have not spent a single day without thinking about my planned priorities for developing my professional career and improving my competitiveness.

Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

Any tips for those new to Australia and looking for work?
Know yourself, define your long-term goal and the strategy to work towards it, break it down to short term goals and define tactics. Don’t make the same mistake twice, get in touch with peers who are successful and were in your situation at some stage before, keep yourself updated, learn the culture and etiquettes, be professional, improve your English, use any opportunity for meaningful networking, Never give up hope, help others when you can and be a sample of a good citizen. Keep smiling. Hossein Rashidi Zadeh now works as a civil/structural engineer with an engineering, project delivery and asset management company in Brisbane.

11.2. Cassio Donato
Cassio Donato came to Australia from Brazil. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in Brazil in manufacturing engineering for eight years before migrating to Australia.

What steps did you take to prepare yourself for your first engineering job in Australia?
I didn’t do much before moving to Australia apart from internet research. Once in Australia I studied project management at TAFE and did the Overseas Qualified Engineers Program at the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE.

What hurdles did you have to overcome?
Lack of local experience was the biggest one, then communication skills and lack of confidence.

How did you overcome any frustrations and loss of hope?
I set my mind to my goals and had my wife’s support all the time. When I was close to giving up, I decided to find a casual job to keep me busy while looking for an engineering job. I took on a job as a sales assistant at Myer department store. That was my turn-around because I got lots of confidence and improved my communications skills.

What did you do to find out about possible jobs and make yourself known through networking?
I tried to network whenever possible, while working at Myer. I always tried to engage in a conversation with the customers and when possible I told them that I was an engineer. In some cases I was asked to send my résumé, because some of my customers were engineers or were working with engineers. Another way of networking was to make local friends through my friends, so every time I went to a dinner or party I used to meet new people and tried to network as much as I could. Also, at the project management course, which I did while working at Myer, I managed to meet a few other people to network.

How long did it take you to score that first job in engineering?
It took me 18 months to find my first engineering job since moving to Australia.

Any tips for other engineers new to Australia?
What I normally say is to never give up. We made that decision when we came to Australia. When the market is not good it will take some time to find a job, but there is always place for someone who is good and confident. The other tip would be to keep tuned and maintain a good network. Many jobs are not advertised in newspapers, they are just given through networking. Applying desperately for any engineering job will not help.Often advertisements are through a recruitment agency and if they see the same name for different categories of jobs they will not have any confidence in the applicant. So maybe it is better to get a part time job to help pay the bills and only apply for the right jobs. This way you are more likely to get an interview. Cassio Donato is now a reliability engineer on a natural gas project. He is based in Brisbane.

11.3. Namvar Yaghooti
Namvar Yaghooti is a mechanical engineer from Iran, where he worked in the oil and gas industry as well as in manufacturing. He migrated to New Zealand in 1996 and was offered an engineering position in Australia in 2007. His experiences in getting his first engineering job in a new country were in New Zealand, but they would have been similar to those in Australia.

Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


What steps did you take to prepare yourself for your first engineering job in your new country (New Zealand)?
I did further studies obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering with honours.

How long did it take you to score that first job in engineering?
It took me almost six months to get an engineering job. In the meantime I worked as a fitter and turner.

How did you overcome any frustrations and loss of hope?
I guess I managed with the attitude of “never give up”.

Any tips for other engineers new to Australia?
Look for entry level positions with subcontracting companies and be prepared to work on a remote site. Remote sites are ideal to gain experience in resource industries. Namvar Yaghooti now works as an area/lead project engineer in Perth. He has been active in Engineers Australia’s International Engineers Group in Perth culminating in his chairmanship of the group in 2012.

Further reading: Project Australia – Land that engineering job in Australia, by Ian Little, published by Tribus Lingua in 2008. Available through EA Books, the online bookshop of Engineers Australia’s publishing company Engineers Media (
Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

12.1. Cover letter John Blogs 62 Victoria Parade East Melbourne, VIC 3002 Mob: 0444 144 444 date XYZ Pty Ltd Attn: Mr Joe Smith Project and Construction Manager RE: Mechanical Project Engineer for major gas field development
I am writing to apply for the above mentioned position in your (client’s) engineering firm. I am confident that I have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience that are required to successfully fill this position. I have enclosed a resume outlining my educational and professional background for your consideration. Holding a degree in mechanical engineering, in addition to a masters degree in energy system (process integration) engineering, I have more than 6 years experience in the oil and gas industry. As a mechanical engineer in the XYZ development project, I reviewed design documents and coordinated engineering and construction activities in this multi-disciplinary project. I acquired knowledge and expertise in processes, plant equipment, technical drawings and material selection. I also provided site supervision, factory inspection and project implementation. In my role as site supervisor I demonstrated team leadership qualities and communication skills. I am confident that I can fulfil the requirements of the position. I would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss with you my suitability at a mutually convenient time. Yours sincerely John Blogs

Engineers Australia

“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”


12.2. Curriculum vitae (Résumé)
Samuel Senior 63 Mechanical Street Engineering Point QLD 4500 Telephone 4523 7100 (day time) 0412 339 613 Email: First make a statement about the career you’ve had, including significant milestones and where the next step will take you. You may want to include what you can add to an organisation.

Master of Environmental Engineering University of Australia 2004 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) University of Australia 1995

Skills, Experience and Personal Attributes
Communication skills – Due to the various nature of the positions I have held I am a confident communicator orally and in writing. This is across all levels of an organisation. Computer skills – I am proficient in all Microsoft packages and attained a distinction in Auto CAD. Project management experience – I have been the senior engineer leading whole projects for the past 7 years. I have learnt x,y and z from this. Business acumen – My current role calls for the analysis of business reports and identifying areas for improvement. My recommendations are then delivered to the board at quarterly meetings.

Employment history
Company Name ABC Company XYZ Company Fred’s Engineers Fred’s Engineers Dept. of Housing ABC Company ABC Company is a major construction contractor for buildings. Responsible for: • • Supervision of 100 engineers and other staff as well as external subcontractors Project management – planning, budgeting, control Position held Project Manager Project Manager Senior Engineer Engineer Graduate Engineer Time Oct 2010 – present Nov 2005 – Sep 2010 Feb 2002 – Oct 2005 Jan 1998 – Jan 2002 July 1995 – Jan 1998

Achievements: • • Managed the construction of the $200 million Downtown high-rise office building. Project completed under budget and 4 months ahead of schedule (list other achievements)

XYZ Company XYZ specialises in the construction of shopping centres Australia wide. Responsible for: • • • • supervision of 8 engineers. project management – planning, budgeting and control. (list other responsibilities) managed the construction of the $40 million Big Hole shopping centre expansion. Project completed 3


Engineers Australia


“How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia”

months ahead of schedule. • (list other achievments)

Fred’s Engineers Fred’s Engineers is a specialist in the construction of high rise car parking stations. Responsible for: • • • • supervised the design of a 3-storey car park (list other responsibilities) the design of the car park was adopted without changes. (list other achievements)


Professional Memberships
• Member of Engineers Australia, CPEng

• • • Family Playing the piano Gardening

Referees: Available on request.

Engineers Australia

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Shortage of Engineers

...that we use to make our life more comfortable are created and maintained by engineers. Clearly engineers play an important role in our lives. However, there is a shortage of them. I believe that studying engineering should be encouraged and we should make engineering a more attractive career. In this report, I will address the importance of engineers, reasons why we are lacking them and some solutions that can help solve the problem. 2. The importance of Engineers Engineers apply their knowledge in mathematics, sciences, economics and society and use their practical skills to design and build structures, machines, devices, materials, systems, and processes1. Looking around us, everything from vehicles, buildings, facilities to our laptops, mobile phones have been created and are still maintained by engineers. Hence, it is hard to imagine how our lives will be without them. Moreover, engineers are those who has changed and shaped the world today. “Engineers will drive the solutions to today’s most pressing problems” – Quote by Dean of Engineering, UC Berkeley. One of the most significant events in the history of the world’s economy is the Industrial revolution in eighteenth and nineteenth century. Starting in the UK, the manufacturing of products has switched from animal and labour based to machine based. Since then, the UK economy, and later the most of Europe economy have developed dramatically. Engineers continue to solve one of the biggest problems today, global warming.......

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Civil Engineers

...Responsibilities and Duties of a Civil Engineer Author : Exforsys Inc.     Published on: 26th Oct 2006    |   Last Updated on: 13th Dec 2010 The General Responsibilities and Specific Duties of a Civil Engineer The work of a civil engineer is all around us yet many do not even realize what a civil engineer is responsible for doing. The job role of a civil engineer is extremely important as it equates for the overall safety of society in many different facets. It is important to look at the role that a civil engineer plays and realize what they do in their daily job duties that make the area safe for the people who live there. What Is a Civil Engineer? It is important to first provide a formal definition highlighting the role of a civil engineer. A civil engineer is responsible for using their civil engineering background to plan and oversee various construction efforts in many different areas of this field. They will apply civil engineering principles to ensure that structures are constructed in the safest, sturdiest manner. General Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer A civil engineer engages in many general responsibilities on a daily basis. These responsibilities are a crucial part of their job and enable the civil engineer to engage in their profession to the best of their ability. One general responsibility of the civil engineer is to analyze various factors concerning a construction job. The civil engineer will analyze the proposed site location as well as the......

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Civil Engineers

...Responsibilities and Duties of a Civil Engineer Author : Exforsys Inc. Published on: 26th Oct 2006 | Last Updated on: 13th Dec 2010 The General Responsibilities and Specific Duties of a Civil Engineer The work of a civil engineer is all around us yet many do not even realize what a civil engineer is responsible for doing. The job role of a civil engineer is extremely important as it equates for the overall safety of society in many different facets. It is important to look at the role that a civil engineer plays and realize what they do in their daily job duties that make the area safe for the people who live there. What Is a Civil Engineer? It is important to first provide a formal definition highlighting the role of a civil engineer. A civil engineer is responsible for using their civil engineering background to plan and oversee various construction efforts in many different areas of this field. They will apply civil engineering principles to ensure that structures are constructed in the safest, sturdiest manner. General Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer A civil engineer engages in many general responsibilities on a daily basis. These responsibilities are a crucial part of their job and enable the civil engineer to engage in their profession to the best of their ability. One general responsibility of the civil engineer is to analyze various factors concerning a construction job. The civil engineer will analyze the proposed site location as well as the......

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Deteriorating Technical Niche of Engineers

...| | | | | | | | | | INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT KOZHIKODE | | | | Deteriorating Technical Niche of Software EngineersSSD | Project Proposal8/24/2014 | | Submitted By: | EPGP-05-121 | Jaspreet Singh | EPGP-05-141 | Rajan Gupta | EPGP-05-148 | Sandip Shah | EPGP-05-156 | Susanta Paul | EPGP-05-142 | Raja Row Choudhury | Proposal for Simulation and System Dynamics.@2014 Authors. No part of this document should be reproduced or distributed without the prior permission of authors. | Problem Area Technical Talent shortage, Skill-Gap, Skill Mismatch, Skills shortage, etc. are the expressions of the same problem which have remained abuzz in almost all the Technology centric industries since years. The case of IT Services Industry is no different. In fact the skill gap widens even more, as the pace on which the technologies are changing in the IT / Digital space is the fastest. Concepts of IT have evolved so fast that it seems we have lived through multiple eras in less than a decade’s time – dot-com era; Information era with the advent of the powerful Search engine, Google and the knowledge collaborators, Wikis; the E-era, in which IT engulfed the whole Business value-chain with its e-models – e-commerce to e-business; then came the Social-era, which re-defined not just businesses but the people’s lives by taking them thousands of miles ahead in terms of reach, connectivity, opportunities, etc.; and now we are living in a......

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Engineers Ethical Actions

...The ideal professional engineer should, above all, be honest. Honesty in the engineering profession is very important as people often bet their lives on the safety of the engineers‟ products”. Ideally a professional engineer should be a critical thinker, creative, and have a strong enough confidence in his own ideas to stand up for them when being critiqued. This is sometimes not the case; I have met many engineering students who, when asked why they feel they have the best solution, back down and decide that they must be wrong. That is the opposite of what an ideal engineer should do. A professional engineer seeks to apply their sound moral reasoning, technical competency, communication ability, and ethical behavior to all situations they are faced with, both on and off the Clock. * Dedication * Diligence * Honesty * Efficiency 2.1 An engineer should be transparent and receptive to peer review or checking of his work if requested/required by the client/authorities 2.2 A checker engineer must be open to the views and design concept of the original designer and in areas of disagreement the checker must give justification for his disagreement. 2.3 A checker engineer should take full responsibility for the checking of the work himself. 2.4 An engineer should undertake CPD to enhance his knowledge and capability 2.5 An employer engineer should ensure that his employee engineers are BONA FIDE engineers registered with BEM. 2.6 An engineer should report......

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Manual of Professional Practice for Electronics Engineers

...MANUAL OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE FOR ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS I. CODE OF ETHICS FOR ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING PRACTITIONERS FOREWORD Honesty, justice and courtesy form a moral philosophy which, associated mutual interest among men, constitutes the foundation of ethics. The electronics engineer should recognize such standard, not in passive observance, but a set of dynamic principles guiding his conduct and way of life. It is his duty to practice his profession according to this Code of Ethics and Conduct. The keystone of professional conduct is integrity. Hence, it behoves the electronics engineer to discharge his duties with fidelity to the public, his employer and his client and with fairness and impartially to all. It is my duty to interest himself in public welfare, and to be ready to apply his special knowledge for the benefit of mankind. He should uphold the honor and dignity of his profession and avoid association with enterprise of questionable character. In his dealings with fellow engineers, he should be fair and tolerant. RELATIONS WITH THE STATE 1. Each and every engineer shall recognize and the supreme authority of the State as express through its laws and implemented by its agencies, whenever wherever such laws do not infringe upon the rights and privileges of citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution. 2. He shall recognize that the well-being of the public and the interest of the State are above the well-being and interest of any individual. ...

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Mechanical Engineers Qualities for Millennium 3

...Mechanical Engineers Qualities for Millennium 3 1) Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent. The mechanical engineer has been called the general practitioner and the jack-of-all trades among engineering professions. This is because he requires education and skills that span a broad range of technical, social, environmental, and economic problems. In general, however, the mechanical engineer is concerned with controlling the principles of motion, energy, and force through mechanical solutions. A mechanical engineer designs the tools and processes used for satisfying the needs of society through a combination of material, human, and economic resources. He might work on electric generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, and other power-generating machines. He might also develop machines such as refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, power tools, and other power-using machines. Engineers must combine a good understanding of science, mathematics, and computers with a good knowledge of current technology. At the high school level, the emphasis is on mathematics. Two years of algebra plus courses in geometry and trigonometry generally are required. In addition to the sciences and math, engineers need good communication skills, so don't neglect the liberal arts and humanities. In addition, remember that many of the large industrial firms that employ mechanical engineers are......

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Electronics Engineer

...Power Characteristics of Networks on Chip Mohamed A. Abd El ghany*, Darek Korzec* and Mohammed Ismail** Electronics Engineering Dept., German University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt* Electrical Engineering Dept., The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. The RaMSiS Group, KTH, Sweden** E-mails:,, Abstract— Power characteristics of different Network on Chip (NoC) topologies are developed. Among different NoC topologies, the Butterfly Fat Tree (BFT) dissipates the minimum power. With the advance in technology, the relative power consumption of the interconnects and the associate repeaters of the BFT decreases as compared to the power consumption of the network switches. The power dissipation of interswitch links and repeaters for BFT represents only 1% of the total power dissipation of the network. In addition of providing high throughput, the BFT is a power efficient topology for NoCs. Index Terms – NoC, Power Dissipation, BFT. CLICHÉ, Octagon, SPIN, Interswitch Links I. INTRODUCTION With the increasing number of intellectual property blocks (IPs) in System on Chips (SoCs), billions of transistors integrated on a single chip will soon become a reality. The limitations of system scalability, bandwidth and power dissipation are becoming the major drawbacks for high performance SoCs. Recently, Network-on-Chip (NoC) architectures are emerging as the best replacement for......

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...understand the reality of ‘engineering.' For them, engineers are “super-humans” who build rockets, robots, electric vehicles and the like. The reason is that when a person says he works on a satellite project, people jump to the conclusion that he knows every detail of building a satellite. In reality, no engineer can know the entire details of projects. For example, it requires people from various disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, chemical and materials engineering to design an electric car. Since the common man has the “super-human” view in mind, he generally does not accept or appreciate many of the “real” engineering works. For example, a home inverter might not bring about any awe to the common man as does an electric vehicle (though both might be equally challenging to build), because he often finds a technician setting right the problems in a home inverter. The technician just knows by experience what to do, whereas an engineer knows why it has to be done. Engineering is more valuable than science First, I will clarify the difference between ‘science' and ‘engineering' through a simple example. The study of optics of materials will fall under science. Scientists (physicists, in this case) will try to explain the optical properties which different materials possess. If someone tries to use the optical properties to make a microscope or a camera, he will be an engineer. Scientists establish facts which engineers exploit to make things useful to society.......

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Marketing Strategy

...this is what is called being selfish. For example, the purchase amounts of staff time to work on the weekend. This Quite simply is not the work of an ethical famous factories do, do. In light of the reputation and confidence, showing factories famous quality and value at the expense of small factories and start-ups. Greed to get as much as possible from customers and a thousand The benefits of competition to make catalog immoral. The most affected is the ultimate consumer Engineers are always trying to develop their companies no matter what the cost is. Many of the engineers working more than they should. For example, some of the engineers is trying hard to reach the top for the success of that company, even if it cost him to work outside working hours. Good job he does not harm in it. But, you gave the right engineer for other engineers to show themselves? Is this the work of aspiring engineer for selfish for himself or to serve the community and the people? Is this the work of engineer will cost consumers the right price, or he would use the uniqueness of this product is to raise prices exaggerated? I believe...

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Mgt 434 Week 4 Dq 3

...MGT 434 Week 4 DQ 3 To Buy This material Click below link You are the Office Manager for an engineering firm. You interview Patricia for a position as the admin for three engineers and two surveyors. Three weeks after she accepts the job, she calls in sick. She does not bring in a doctors note. Two weeks later, she calls you to tell you that her boy friend”must undergo surgery. She has promised him that the first person he will see upon coming out of anesthesia will be she. She needs to take time off to fulfill her promise. You tell her to report in once she has seen him. One month after that, she comes to you and tells you that she needs an advance on her salary, as she is on the verge of being evicted. You speak with the owner, who says that she can have her check early ONLY this one time. Several days later, she calls on her cell phone. She speaks to one of the engineers and tells him to tell you that a car drove her off the road and the state trooper investigating the case believes that she needs to take the day off to recuperate. The engineer reports this to you. He also tells you that his team has been keeping a diary on her time and attendance. She constantly is leaving her work station, going outside to smoke or talk on has cell phone. She also has told them that she suffers from Crohn’s’ Disease and needs frequent bathroom breaks. You tell her that you would like to speak with her. She tells you, in......

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Let Is Go

...research engineer is the closest of a scientist. They explore fundamental principles of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics in order to overcome barriers preventing advancement in their field. They also conduct investigations using various means like experiments both large and small-scale. Development- The development function is often coupled with research in so called R&D divisions. Development engineers take knowledge acquired by researchers and apply it to a specific product or application. They continuously looking for ways to incorporate the findings of research, into prototypes to test their feasibilities for use in tomorrows products. Testing- Test engineers are responsible for designing and implementing test to verify the integrity, reliability, and quality of products before they are introduced to the public. They devise ways to simulate the conditions a product will be subjected to during life. Design- The design engineer is responsible for providing the detailed specifications of the product society uses. They use their knowledge of scientific and mathematical laws, coupled with experience, to generate a shape to meet design tools and are often supported by technicians trained in computer drafting software. Analysis- is an engineering function performed in conjunction with design, development, and research. They use mathematical models, and computational tools to provide the necessary information to design, develop, or research engineers to......

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Exam 3 Essays - Mgt 314

The compensation committee for an IT company, who is a pay leader, is in the process of creating a pay structure for the company using a point job evaluation system. The job that is currently in question is an entry-level computer engineer. The compensable factors are weighted out of 1000 points and those that have been selected for this job are education (200 pts), experience (200 pts), complexity (250 pts), and responsibility (350 pts). Education is divided into five degrees: Doctorate (200), Masters (150), Bachelors (100), Associates/ Some College (50), High School or less (0). Experience is divided into five degrees: 10+ years of experience (200), 6-9 years of experience (150), 3-5 years of experience (100), 1-2 years of experience (50), little to no experience (0). Complexity is divided into four degrees: very complex (250), complex (150), somewhat complex (50), not very complex (0). Finally, responsibility is divided into four degrees: supervisor (350), senior engineer (250), engineer (150), junior engineer (50).
The computer engineer job would receive 100 pts for education, as a bachelor’s degree is needed, 0 pts for experience, since it is an entry-level job, 250 for complexity because the position is that of an engineer,...

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