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1. Emerson begins his second paragraph with “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string,” (as cited in Langan, 2014) What does he mean by this? Why do you think he placed the quote this early in the essay? Explain
(1)I feel that Emerson’s quote “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to its own string,” Is implying, whatever you set your mind too you can accomplish. “Every heart vibrates to its own Iron string,” Is implying that everyone is different; we go about doing things in different ways, but it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. (2) I feel he placed this quote so early in the essay because; he wanted to attract the reader’s attention with such a unique passage. He tried grabbing their attention, early in the passage.

2. In paragraph 4, Emerson says, “it is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own” (as cited in Langan, 2014). What does he mean by this quote? What is his purpose in making this statement? Explain.

(1) “It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion”, basically it’s saying that it is easy for other people to justify your life, doing what’s good in the eyes of society. Letting what other people think, affect the way you live your life. “It’s is easy in solitude to live after our own,” Is saying to live in solitude, you can easily live, doing the things that you want to do. (2) To shed light on the situation, of people caring, what other people think. Live by your own path; don’t let people influence what you do. It would be easy living in both situation, but living for your own self-interest, would be easier.

4. At the end of the essay, Gregory shifts his focus from the classroom to the scene involving the wino at the restaurant. What is the connection between this closing scene and the rest of the essay? Explain. In addition, could you have made such a connection in your essay that you turned in for homework during Week 4? Why or why not?

The connection was, the same embarrassed feeling he had back in high school, was probably the same feeling the wino had. His teacher yelling at him for not being able to do his school work right, but it was because he was poor and hungry. The wino is poor and hungry also, and when the owner yelled at the wino, Dick Gregory felt the pain of the wino, seeing that he too, had gone through a similar situation. (2) I feel I tried to make a connection with the quote used in my essay; seeing how this passage was structured and organized kind of gives me an idea, of what my essay should’ve looked like. I should have structured it better than what I should have, and explained in more precise details.

I feel Dunayers essay is one-sided, at first i thought it was a balance essay, because he starts to explain the cause of alcohol on a high school basketball life. Explaining how the young man dyed due to alcohol poisoning. He wasn’t shocked due to the fact that the alcohol industries media, and broadcasting perceives alcohol to be something it’s not. About half way through the second paragraph of the essay turns one-sided. She starts talking of how all these bad things happen, because of alcohol. But in a supportive kind of way which makes me indecisive on how it was written. He has his own views on things but, by using the cause and effect method, in explaining the industries tatics to get people to drink. She could have used resources to back up her statementsPages 722 – 726
1. Do you think Dunayer’s essay is one-sided or balanced? Explain in detail. What additional points could be used to support or rebut her point? Explain and add credible source content to validate points. Cite and reference all work. I feel Dunayers essay is one-sided, at first I thought it was a balance essay, because he starts to explain the cause of alcohol on a high school basketball life. Explaining how the young man dyed due to alcohol poisoning. He wasn’t shocked due to the fact that the alcohol industries media, and broadcasting perceives alcohol to be something it’s not. About half way through the second paragraph of the essay turns one-sided. She starts talking of how all these bad things happen, because of alcohol. But in a supportive kind of way which makes me indecisive on how it was written. He has his own views on things but, by using the cause and effect method, in explaining the industries tactics to get people to drink. She could have used resources to back up her statements
2. Analyze how the tone changes throughout the article. Discuss the tone you have used in your essay due Sunday of this week. Why did you choose this tone? How does the tone make your essay more effective? Explain.
I used a passionate tone because it would help the reader connect with me on a personal level. To draw more interest to the reader: by maybe sharing similar experience of: mentally or emotional situations. I chose this tone because, I felt passionate about the phrase “You’ve got to dance like there is no one watching, love like you’ll never been hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” – William W. Purkey." I have multiple situations that i can relate to each phrase. I feel the tone makes the essay more effective, by using a passionate tone it allows me to connect my: feelings and emotion into a short essay These quotes both explain how you need to live life to the fullest, without caring about what people: think, say, or do. Then there is the ending quote "Live life like its heaven on earth." I chose these tones, because it would help the reader connect with me on a personal level. To draw more interest to the reader: by maybe sharing similar experience.

1. In paragraph 7, Wilkins says, “Miss Bean became the first teacher ever to require me to think” (as cited in Langan, 2014). - Before Miss Bean’s class, what do you suspect Wilkins – and his classmates – were being taught to do in school? -Describe a teacher who gave you “the sense that thinking was part of education.” In your opinion, what can teachers do to get students to think? -I feel Wilkins and his classmates, where being taught in a similar way. This is the first time a teacher has called upon him to participate in the classroom. Other teachers most likely ignored the reality of Wilkins being in the classroom (Pg.4). Another thought was Wilkins previous teachers didn’t include him in the classroom: Dorthy Bean made Wilkins seem smarter than all the other students (Pg.5). acceptance
- My sixth grade World History teacher Mrs.Woods, and her lack of faith in my most skilled talent.
The assignment was we had to do a research paper on the Egyptian culture. I thought long and hard, on what I wanted to do my project on. I chose to do my project on the Egyptian god Anubis. So I wrote about what all Anubis represented. Then my mother had gone out and bought me about a 15 pound block of clay. I began to sculpt the Anubis using broken pieces of bobby pins, to hold the ears, and feet together, black and gold paint, and baked it to harden the clay. When I turned it in, Mrs.Woods didn’t say much. The next day I proceeded to school, Mrs. Woods called me in and sat me down and asks me if I had bought my project. I began to explain to her I made it, but I don’t think she believed me. She said due to the idea of suspicion, she will give me a C+. I could have complained and fought for my grade, but the idea that she thought I bought it, was enough for me. To know I did that good on something made me feel good. So in a sense by her doubting me as a student it allowed me to be a better art student. I kind of thought out-side the box, on this question.^

My opinion is giving the student more, one on one time. Asking questions allow their minds to do some critical thinking. It helps by opening their mind up; to things they wouldn’t have normally thought.

2. How does Savory’s attitude toward homosexuality change in the course of the selection? What incident marks the turning point in her attitude toward her own sexuality? Explain why and how.'
Savory’s attitude towards her homosexuality in the beginning of the essay she seems to be confused. She thinks that being lesbian is wrong because society tells her it is. So she tries to hide the fact that she a lesbian by, having a boyfriend; and keeping the spot light off her (pg.15-18). She then begins to describe all the bad events that happen to gay people she knows. How all these parents are putting their kids out just because they are gay (pg.23-26) As the passage continues and after her talk with her father (pg.20-22). She begins to realize that her being a lesbian is not wrong, and how she hopes one day, gays and lesbians can be accepted into society.
Savory's attitude towards her sexuality changes between paragraphs 20-22. After her talk with her father, and after he hug he she says “And that was a great turning point, a great source of light in my life.” After that discussion, she never really talked about herself, unless she was enraged at a homophobic event. Sometimes she had felt
Being able to read you responses is very interesting because in a way you relate to the reader. So your insight on Savory in question 2 is dead on. I had came up with simulate points on my response. I also enjoyed reading your number 3 response. I am a black male, and get i get categorized also. Never in a bad way that I known of, but I see how different people treat me, just because of my skin tone. I can only imagine what you’re going thru compassion for victims of homophobes. Savory had started supporting the gay community, instead of doubting because society did.

3. In paragraph 28, Savory states that there will come a day when no one will really care one way or the other about sexual orientation. Do you agree or disagree with her belief? Explain in detail.
I would have to disagree with this statement. As long as there is a church or a religion, people will always have a reason to not like gay people. The hate might lighten up, but the idea of it being wrong, will still be there. The reason why I think this is because; I’m not religious, but I do read my Bible, and try to follow the instructions that have been put at hand. We are a species that’s made to procreate. (Leviticus 20:13) If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” That is just one of many things in the bible saying that being gay is wrong. So as long as there is religion, I feel it will never be fully accepted.

NOV 30
1. “A Hanging” takes place in Burma, and Orwell occasionally uses regional terms such as lathis and boxwallah in the course of his essay. Why do you think Orwell chose to include these foreign terms rather than translate the words? Explain in detail.
I feel Orwell chose to use these foreign terms because, they gave the reader an exact description of what he was writing about. Like the term "lathis" instead of going into a long descriptive sentence he uses the word, to sum up what he is talking about. Orwell used the foreign terms, which allowed him to be descriptive in one word. If Orwell used modern translation, it would have made his essay longer and somewhat harder to read. 2. Tan breaks conventions and shifts from first person point-of-view to second person point-of-view. Why do you think she makes this shift? Is it effective? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
Tan makes the shift because she was done talking about herself. She shifts the essay to second person view because she was ready to support the body paragraph. She was talking about what she experience in her friends closet (paragraph 1). This made her realize that her closet had a lot of flaws. I feel the switch was very effective in her essay, it all flows together. She goes from talking about her friends closet showing signs of OCD. Then she realizes (paragraph 5) that her own closet had served for others as an amusing window into her psyche and how you can tell a lot about a person just by looking in their closet, her own closet, being unorganized said a lot about her. Then she goes on by explaining the improvement of the organization of her closet, due to a new house keeper (paragraph 11). By switching in-between first and second person views, she gives information about why and how being organized helps with her image of her life 3. Tan states that her foibles were exposed by her six skirts that were almost identical and then questions why she continued to buy this type of skirt. Why do you think she had purchased so many similar skirts? What does this say about her? Think about a foible that you have and discuss the foible with the class.
I feel tan purchased the same type of skirts because, it was what she felt comfortable wearing. Tan was probably thinking that type of skirt looks nice on her, which made her feel comfortable and confident. This pattern of clothing purchases entails that she doesn’t like change. Why change something that’s not broken? I also purchase the same type of clothing, knowing that I look and feel comfortable. I sometimes buy clothing that doesn’t suit my style, and end up giving it away cause I feel uncomfortable wearing it. Tan and I are very similar in that aspect.
. 4. Complete Writing Assignment 2 pages 672 – 673 and post with response to questions 1 – 3.
Assignment 1
• The warm cotton of my sweater unthawed the cold from my skin as did the money from my wallet; it covered me like the darkness that surrounded me, and completed me like the music which serenaded me. It brought joy and relaxation through the memorizing night of festive celebration
• The stylish shoes that moved with grace and finesse. I tie my shoes locking down my victory, as I did gliding to the number one spot; as I remain peoples champ. They would cheer, which caused the muscles in my face to form a smile.
• My blue jeans protected my legs from the intensity of the raging metal on four wheels, which slammed into my black beauty, on two. The pain and distress caused by an un-thoughtful human, which drove off on the street that which I laid on.
Assignment 2
My closet represents me more than I thought my ego shows in my comfort close. Not much thought in design, mostly plain t-shirts and jeans symbolizing my laid back attitude, keeping things simple. When it comes to my superego, my shoes always have to be clean and correspond with my outfit. Looking presentable and fashionable, implying that I’m a very friendly person (gangster attire is unacceptable). I want people to look at me and know that I carry myself in a presentable manner. I know cloths don’t make the person but, when you look the part people don’t judge you as they would say a homeless person.
Assignment 3
My work place would have to be my desk. I do everything on my desk from drawing to filling out documents, which makes it very cluttered. I get home and empty my pockets throwing everything on my desk: keys, wallet, loose pocket change, chap-sticks. Instead of just throwing everything on the top of my desk, I should have designated spots for all my projects/possessions. Just by looking at my desk, people might assume I’m unorganized and messy, when in reality I’m just over whelmed with things to do in the time frame I have.


1. Paragraphs 3 – 11 are devoted to the first fifteen years of Lupe’s life; but the next decade or so is covered in only two paragraphs (12 – 13). Why might Johnson have presented Lupe’s earlier life in so much more detail? Do you agree with her decision? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
I believe the reason Beth Johnson structured her paragraphs the way she did is to show emphasis by giving anecdotes (short stories). All of her examples where concrete representation, of cause and effect. She was using relevant examples and ideas that support the example. Johnson presents Lupe’s earlier life with more detail because, that was a point in her life that didn’t have any importance to the passage. She could’ve written about Lupe’s teenage years, but it would have branched off into a different topic not relevant to the essay. I agree with her decision to skip that part of her life. Is she talked about that part of her life; it would have been off the subject she was trying to project through her essay.

2. Do you think Lupe’s grandfather was correct in allowing her to quit school? What factors do you imagine might have taken place leading to his decisions? Explain in detail.
Well I would have to say yes and no. By her grandfather taking her out of school and teaching her, shows that the grandfather took on full responsibility of her education. By doing this, it strengthens a “subject” and opens her mind. In another sense, it’s stunting her growth in education of Math, English, and Science. Class would have been somewhat confusing and time consuming, but I feel he should’ve left Lupe in school or found some kind of method to help her learn English/Spanish. I feel the Grandfather maybe had a clue this was going to happen probably due to the time frame involving racism. Lupe probably was having a horrible time in school, from being picked on by the smaller children (maybe older children to, I’m just assuming) or the teacher and principle yelling at her in a language she didn’t understand (paragraph 6-9). Lupe’s grandfather probably seen the anguish in her and decided enough was enough.

3. What do you think of psychologist David Elkind’s “Imaginary Audience Theory” of adolescence? Did you feel the kind of self-consciousness he describes when you were an adolescent? Why or why not? If so, how? Do you observe that kind of behavior in other teens? If so, how? Explain in detail.

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...Transforming Lives Communities The Nation …One Student at a Time Disclaimer Academic programmes, requirements, courses, tuition, and fee schedules listed in this catalogue are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Management and Board of Trustees of the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT). The COSTAATT Catalogue is the authoritative source for information on the College’s policies, programmes and services. Programme information in this catalogue is effective from September 2010. Students who commenced studies at the College prior to this date, are to be guided by programme requirements as stipulated by the relevant department. Updates on the schedule of classes and changes in academic policies, degree requirements, fees, new course offerings, and other information will be issued by the Office of the Registrar. Students are advised to consult with their departmental academic advisors at least once per semester, regarding their course of study. The policies, rules and regulations of the College are informed by the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. iii Table of Contents PG 9 PG 9 PG 10 PG 11 PG 11 PG 12 PG 12 PG 13 PG 14 PG 14 PG 14 PG 14 PG 15 PG 17 PG 18 PG 20 PG 20 PG 20 PG 21 PG 22 PG 22 PG 22 PG 23 PG 23 PG 23 PG 23 PG 24 PG 24 PG 24 PG 24 PG 25 PG 25 PG 25 PG 26 PG 26 PG 26 PG 26 PG 26 PG 26 PG 27 PG 27 PG 27 PG 27 PG 27 PG 27 PG 28 PG 28 PG 28 PG 28 PG 28 PG 33 PG 37 Vision Mission......

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...Courtesy of L E K A R SPECIAL EDITION Authors: Marino, Paul L. Title: ICU Book, The, 3rd Edition Copyright ©2007 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ISBN: 0-7817-4802-X Authors Dedication Quote Preface to Third Edition Preface to First Edition Acknowledgments Table of Contents Section I - Basic Science Review Basic Science Review Chapter 1 - Circulatory Blood Flow Chapter 2 - Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport Section II - Preventive Practices in the Critically Ill Preventive Practices in the Critically Ill Chapter 3 - Infection Control in the ICU Chapter 4 - Alimentary Prophylaxis Chapter 5 - Venous Thromboembolism Section III - Vascular Access Vascular Access Chapter 6 - Establishing Venous Access Chapter 7 - The Indwelling Vascular Catheter Section IV - Hemodynamic Monitoring Hemodynamic Monitoring Chapter 8 - Arterial Blood Pressure Chapter 9 - The Pulmonary Artery Catheter Chapter 10 - Central Venous Pressure and Wedge Pressure Chapter 11 - Tissue Oxygenation Section V - Disorders of Circulatory Flow Disorders of Circulatory Flow Chapter 12 - Hemorrhage and Hypovolemia Chapter 13 - Colloid and Crystalloid Resuscitation Chapter 14 - Acute Heart Failure Syndromes Chapter 15 - Cardiac Arrest Chapter 16 - Hemodynamic Drug Infusions Section VI - Critical Care Cardiology Critical Care Cardiology Chapter 17 - Early Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes Chapter 18 - Tachyarrhythmias Section VII - Acute Respiratory Failure Acute Respiratory Failure Chapter 19 -......

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