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English 102 Recycling in Colorado

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Recycling in Colorado? Throughout the last 5 months I had collected plastic bottles with hopes that I could recycle them and help save my part in the environment. Through my exploration I found there was only one location in Pueblo to recycle my plastic, but also I was required to pay for my donation. I was appalled at this discovery and questioned the idea of this charge. After speaking with the employees at this recycling center I was told “Colorado has too much empty space for landfills so rather than applying money to start recycling programs we can just bury it for cheaper.” Is this why it is so hard to recycle in Colorado; to think that such an idea truly existed created the thirst to find out why this is such an accepted idea. I believe that we need to stop this idea, and make a huge curve for the better of our community and our environment in Colorado. According to Boulder Colorado’s EcoCycle, Colorado recycling ranks 47th out of the 50 United States today! We should be so ashamed. Growing up in states like Massachusetts, Michigan, and California it is depressing when I look at the bottles and cans seeing the label that says return for 5 – 15 cents. Why can’t CO. have this; why can’t every state have this? Each issue that I have inquired about with the recycling programs brings up cost and efficiency however when seeing the facts from other states compared to Colorado it just seems that we don’t wish to see the final analysis. How are states like CA. and MA. had the ability to pay for our trash. They have started a recycling program that has paid for itself tenfold and proven that it is more cost efficient than throwing it all away they also charge more for trash and curbside recyclables pickup. Colorado is “an untapped goldmine.” Hartman. Wouldn’t it be great to see our state on the side of every soda can and bottle? Where is the profit in…...

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