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This coming semester in the spring of 2012 will ultimately be my 5th semester I have spent taking courses at TCC. My degree plan is far from anything but normal, but I am aware of what I need to take, and I have been planning it in a manor that seems to work for me. I am specifically attending for an AAS in Information Systems Technology. This is a field in which I have already been working in for nearly 12 years. I guess I am good at doing things backwards. There are people in this world who are fortunate enough that they made it through high school and had financial backing, or the desire to attend 4 years of college and they make it through in a breeze. I am not one of those people. I’m not sure if I just like to make things as hard for myself as I possibly can, but I would not trade one experience I have ever had for anything different. College is something I have been doing as I can, and as tough as it is sometimes I seem to be making it just fine the unorthodox way.
The school formula I have kind of developed for myself has been the same for 2 semesters and most likely will be until I graduate at the end of the spring semester in 2013. Every semester I will sign up for 3 classes, two lectures one online or hybrid class. One particular reason I can’t say exactly which classes they will be is because of availability. I am taking some technical classes at the ACT building in Virginia Beach that unfortunately not every class is offered every semester in a night class time format I will be able to attend. I am however extremely well informed by the TCC email system as to when enrollment dates are and I make sure I am one of the first to sign up every semester to ensure I keep my degree path moving forward.
When I logged in to SIS today I was a little surprised to see I have no advising information listed. This however is not a problem. I am fully…...