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Friends and Me
On this planet, who can’t live without friends? We need our peers to live our lives; friendship is one of the most important assets in our lives. Sometimes we cannot live without friends. According to relationship experts, we have to make friendships with good friends such as people that we can trust, share events, and celebrate our lives with. Even though I have so many friends, buddies and faraway friend are two of the types of friends that I cannot live happily without. Buddies are like one soul, living in two bodies, and I can share anything with them even the saddest thing of my life. I met Ulysses in English 099. Ulysses was the kindest person that I knew, and we became buddies. Ulysses was a good listener; he never complained about anything I said even though my English was very bad. For example, Ulysses woke up at 3 am listening to my complaints about why I cannot go to Vietnam when my dad passed away. Because of the distance between Vietnam and America, I asked all my classes’ professors, and none of them agreed for me to take two weeks off. At that moment, I was collapsed; I loved my dad, but I could not see him the last time. After talking to Ulysses, which was a relief because I was not mad anymore. He gave me advices they and convinced me to focus on the future, and he made me happy again. Friendship is two side relationships, so I do nice things for my buddy too. One time Ulysses and I went to Best Buy; I saw him continuously staring at a tablet, so I knew he wanted that. After all the nice things Ulysses has done for me, I decided to buy a tablet for him as a gift. I spent two nights outside Best Buy to get in line on Thanksgiving because all on sale items were limited. I gave Ulysses my present; he was very happy, and he said thanks. I think buddies do not need to thank their friends. We treat each other nicely because we love each...

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