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Date : 15th June 2014
To : Alexandra Chew, Publicity Director of Kingston Sports Wear
From :Vivien Lim, Marketing Executive of Kingston Sports Wear
Subject : Progress on the Kingston Marathon Run
At your request, I am submitting this progress report detailing the launching of a marathon in Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of this event is to create health awareness among Malaysians and to promote social role of sport. Besides that, it can be a platform for the multiracial community to interact with one another. This event will take place on 17th August 2014.
Past Progress
Drafting the route, distance and location
We had decided this event to take place on 17th of August, Sunday. Since Sunday is a public holiday, it is the most appropriate time of the week to hold an event to ensure people from all walks of life are able to participate and be a part of this event. We have decided to divide this event into 3 categories: 5km, 10km and 21km. Moreover, we had decided to locate the marathon around Merdeka Square at Kuala Lumpur. This location was chosen because there is an adequate amount of hotels, parking lots and it has an easy access for local and foreign participants as it has sufficient public transport to reach the place.

Determining the budget
The expected budget for this marathon is RM112,500. This is based on the expected participants of 3000 people. This budget layout had been approved by the management department. You can refer to Table 1 as our budget layout.
Table 1
BUDGET LAYOUT OF KINGSTON MARATHON RUN Expenses | Price per unit (RM) | Total Cost (RM) | Police/Traffic | | 2000 | Transportation (buses) | 500 | 5000 | Food and Beverage | RM6 per runner | 18000 | T-Shirts | RM15 per runner | 45000 | Medals | RM2 per runner | 6000 | Entertainment | | 3000 | Facility Rental | | 2000 | Advertisement and Promotion | |…...

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