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Assignment: Looking for Everyday Bias and Persuasion
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Donald Trump: Gender and Racially Biased Comments

Donald Trump is using racially biased comments to increase his political candidate ratings. Is this just a political joke or is he taking this seriously in terms of furthering himself in the political gains for the position of President of the United States. Back in May 2015, Donald Trump made a comment that made headlines in regards to Mexican immigrants in the United States stating, “Mexico send immigrants to this country who are criminals, including rapists!” 80% of the Latinos voters had considered this comment by Donald Trump to be offensive. But the question is at hand, who is Donald Trump siding with to make these comments? Who is Donald Trump trying to persuade to vote him into office by making such comments? Is he making enough stir in the political polls to actually better his chances to run as the Republican nominee for President? Unfortunately, he is actually pulling a strong lead for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination. The National Republican Polls shows that Donald Trump is in the lead with 24.3 votes, over Jeb Bushs’ 12.5 votes. Who is the audience that he is trying to rise up with? These questions are at the very heart of the matter when it comes to Donald Trump controversial campaign.

2016 Republican Presidential Nomination
National: GOP, Dem | Iowa: GOP, Dem | New Hampshire: GOP, Dem | South Carolina: GOP, Dem | General Election Match-Ups
Polling Data Poll | Date | Trump | Bush | Walker | Huckabee | Carson | Cruz | Rubio | Paul | Christie | Kasich | Perry | Santorum | Fiorina | Jindal | Graham | Spread | RCP Average | 7/29 - 8/2 | 24.3 | 12.5 | 9.5 | 6.8 | 5.8 | 5.5 | 5.3 | 4.5 | 3.5 | 2.8 | 1.8 | 1.5 | 1.3 | 1.3 | 0.5 | Trump +11.8 | FOX News | 7/30 -...

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