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The Department of Housing and Urban Development

U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD’s mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD is working to strengthen the housing market to bolster the economy and protect consumers; meet the need for quality affordable rental homes: utilize housing as a platform for improving quality of life; build inclusive and sustainable communities free from discrimination; and transform the way HUD does business.

The Housing Act of 1937, also known as the Wagner-Seagull Act. The Act provides subsidies paid from the U.S. government to local public housing agencies. The purpose is to improve living conditions for low-income families (The Housing Act of 1937, 2011). According to writes D. Bradford Hunt, historians miss-understood the intent of the Housing Act of 1937. The Act was known to be the housing program comprised by amendments originating from real estate and conservative interests. Rather the 1937 Housing Act should be considered as a Progressive bill that maintained quite well in the legislative process (Hunt, 2005). The Housing Act of 1937 was developed out of the National Housing Act of 1934, which created the Federal Housing Administration.

The primary lead in the developments was Catherine Bauer; she drafted most of the legislation, also served as Director in the U.S. Housing Authority. The purpose of the

Housing Authority was to aid the control of payment subsidies (Wurster, 1934).

Catherine Bauer, a well-known member of group of idealists, known as “housers”. Their commitment was to improve housing for the low income families. She significantly influenced the concept of social housing in the US and inspired others to pursue the need of public housing (Wurster, 1934). Legislators, Henry B. Steagall, Democrat of Alabama and Senator...

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