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Alcoholism plays a huge role in our society today. Some families are alcoholic. My cousins often say to me, you are so lucky and bless that your parents don’t drink alcohol. I asked them why they say such. They said because alcohol can break up home and families. I asked them, what are some of the problems they have to go through because their parents are alcoholic. They said neglect, behavior problems, and no money. My cousins asked me do my mom and dad neglect me. I told them no. I told them that we always have family night, we go out to eat and sometimes I get what I want. They said that it was so wonderful because we don’t get that kind of attention. I asked them do your parents say positive words and give the hugs to show how much they love you. They said no girl. Alcohol have them so disorder and corrupt until it's best to stay out of their way. Another one of my cousin said when her dad wakes up from a long sleep that's when his bad behavior begins to happen. She said sometime she get hit, kicked, pushed to the wall, he even throw objects at her. Sometime he pulls her hair and spit on her. I get so afraid and cry all night. Sometime I think about running away from home. I told her if you need to get away you can come and stay with me. One day last week my cousin came over to my house to play with me. She asked my mom can she have something to eat. My mom said sure, what would you like to eat? My cousins were shock because my mom asked her what she wanted to eat. I asked her, do your mom ask you what you want to eat? She said some days it will be a blessing if I get something to eat at all. Her parents are so high or drunk until they can not focus on food for the house or better yet have any money to buy food and pay the bills because they have spent it all on alcohol. Well, I told them alcoholism is a bad disorder and if they ever need me I am right here to help and support them in any way I can. I told them that I love them very much. There are so many children in this world today where as their family members are alcoholic. Alcoholism is a chronic and often progressive disease that includes problems controlling your drinking.

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