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Opgave 1

|Opgave 1 |
|Kathy WAKES UP to a thump upstairs, coming from one of the kids’ rooms. She LISTENS closely, praying silently for rest. Each |
|morning there was a delicate period, between six and six-thirty, when there was a chance, however remote, that they could steal |
|another ten or fifteen minutes of sleep. But now there was another thump, and the dog barked, and another thump followed. What |
|was happening in this house? Kathy LOOKS to her husband. He was staring at the ceiling. […] |
| |
|The phone began ringing, today as always, before their feet hit the floor. Kathy and Zeitoun – most people CALLS him by his last |
|name because they CANNOT pronounce his first – ran a company, Zeitoun A. Painting Contractor LLC, and every day their crews, |
|their clients, everyone with a phone and their number, SEEMS to think that once the clock STRIKES six-thirty, it was appropriate|
|to call. And they CALL. Usually there were so many calls at the stroke of six-thirty that the would send half of them straight |
|to voicemail. |
| |
| |

Opgave 2

|Opgave 2 |...

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