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Part 1 Reading Comprehension (Total: 20 marks)

Magazines Around the World

Apart from the textbooks that students use at school, can you guess what is the most common and accessible type of reading format throughout the world? We see them daily on sale. You can get them from convenience stores, supermarkets and even from the Internet. Do you have any idea what they are? Yes, they are magazines. There is a vast variety of magazines around the world. They can be about cars, yachting, celebrities, health, business, cosmetics, literature, etc. Due to their wide variety, they account for much of our entertainment in life, and are a source of information as well.
A) Time
Time is a weekly American news magazine that covers mostly human issues. Its first issue was released in 1923. Today, Time has become an influential magazine around the world. One of the many features of Time is the annual cover story ‘Person of the Year’. People who have the biggest effect on the year’s news will be chosen as the main topic of the cover story. In the past, people such as Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin have been chosen as ‘Person of the Year’. In terms of style, Time is also known for its standard design ― a red border on the front page. It was changed for the very first time into a black border after the 911 attacks as an expression of mourning.
B) Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan is a monthly women’s magazine published in many countries. It especially targets the group known as ‘the office ladies’. As a result, the contents of the magazines are mostly appearance-related and are designed for local tastes. The Hong Kong edition contains information about the latest fashion and cosmetics, and interviews with successful women such as the former Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Anson Chan. It also includes a discussion forum where readers are able to share with others their joys or difficulties as women in a modern society. Cosmopolitan offers a very good reflection of female attitudes in Hong Kong.

C) The Barcelona Review
The Barcelona Review is an international literary magazine. It covers mostly reviews of contemporary books. For example, in its 2nd issue, it included a review of the famous book The God of Small Things written by the Indian writer Arundhati Roy. It offers a channel to help readers pick the right books to read.

A The following table is a comparison between the two magazines, Time and Cosmopolitan. Fill in the blanks with reference to the information given above. (8 marks, 2 marks each)

|Magazines |Time |Cosmopolitan(HK Edition) |
|Place of publication | 1. ________________ | 2. ________________ |
|Content | 3. ________________ | 4. ________________ |

B Choose the correct answers. (4 marks, 2 marks each)

5. Which of the following people are mentioned in the passage above? i. Adolf Hitler ii. George W. Bush iii. Joseph Stalin iv. Anson Chan A. i only B. i and ii C. i, ii and iii D. i, iii and iv □

6. Which of the following are included in the magazine Cosmopolitan? i. Political news ii. Beauty iii. Cosmetics iv. Toys A. i and ii B. ii and iii C. ii, iii and iv D. All of the above □

C Decide which of the following are True, False or if the information is Not Given in the passage. Put a tick in ONE box only for each statement. (6 marks, 2 marks each)

| | |True |False |Not Given |
|7. |The Barcelona Review covers classical books. |□ |□ |□ |
|8. |Time has never changed its red border. |□ |□ |□ |
|9. |Men seldom read Cosmopolitan. |□ |□ |□ |

D Answer the following question in complete sentences. (2 marks)

10. Which magazine do you like most? Why? _________________________________________________________________

Part 2 Grammar & Usage (Total: 80 marks)

E Complete this conversation between two friends using either the past perfect or the past simple tense of the verbs in the table. The first one has been done for you as an example. Some verbs can be used more than once. (20 marks, 2 marks each)

|tell |say |go |know |
|be |leave |hear |have |

|Mike: |Tony 1. __________ you last night, but he was told that you 2. ___________ | |1. |called |
| |out to see Janet off at the airport. | |2. |__________ |
| |Yes, and Carol and Mandy 3. ________ there too. We 4. _________ dinner | | | |
|Brian: |together after we | |3. |__________ |
| |5. _____________ goodbye to Janet. I didn’t get home until after ten. My | |4. |__________ |
| |parents 6. ___________ already _________ to bed by the time I got home. By | |5. |__________ |
| |the way, did you know that fourteen retirees are going on a charity fast to | |6. |__________ |
| |raise money for the children on the Mainland? | | | |
| |Yes, Fred 7. ____________ me about it yesterday. | | | |
| |Fred? So he’s in Hong Kong, not in Beijing? I thought he 8. ____________ | | | |
| |already __________ before his wife returned to Canada. | | | |
|Mike: |No, he won’t be taking off until next week. | |7. |__________ |
|Brian: |I see. I 9. _________ never _________ about it before you mentioned it. How | | | |
| |did he come to know about the fast? | |8. |__________ |
| |He 10. _____________ about the fast only when he met one of the | | | |
|Mike: |participants, who is an artist. | | | |
|Brian: |11. _____ he _____ you when and where the event would be held? | |9. |__________ |
| |On the 22nd, at Queen Elizabeth Stadium. | | | |
| | | | | |
|Mike: | | |10. |__________ |
| | | | | |
|Brian: | | |11. |__________ |
| | | | | |
|Mike: | | | | |

F Read the passage about Earth Day and pay attention to the underlined sentences. Rewrite the underlined sentences with past or present participle phrases. The first one has been done for you as an example. (20 marks, 2 marks each)

Earth Day, first established in 1970, is held on the twenty-second of April every year. 1. Humans are blamed for making the Earth sick because we failed to preserve the environment. 2. Chemicals are harming city life because they are causing diseases and deaths. 3. Gaylord Nelson, an environmentalist, established Earth Day because he was filled with enthusiasm about promoting worldwide environmental protection. 4. He wanted to increase people’s environmental awareness because he was worried about the Earth’s welfare. 5. Nowadays, many environmentalists include education in their policies because they are determined to pass their message on from one generation to the next. This is exactly what Mr Nelson wanted to do. 6. As he was so concerned about environmental damage, he wrote two books on how to avoid it. 7. Because he wanted to tell more people about Earth Day, he wrote letters to schools and sent articles to magazines.

8. His efforts turned out to be a success as he attracted interest from the public.
9. People realised the importance of conserving the environment so they became actively involved. 10. Many school children supported the activities on Earth Day because they were interested to find out how the Earth became so polluted.

11. The public still believes Earth Day is important because they have become aware of the problems faced by the Earth. Earth Day is still widely observed around the world. It is not too late to save our Earth.

1. Failing to preserve the environment, humans are blamed for making the Earth sick. 2. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
10. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
11. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

G Decide whether the underlined words have been used correctly or not. Correct them if they are wrong. Put a tick (√) if there is no mistake. The first two have been done for you as examples. (20 marks, 2 marks each)

|1. |Felt tired, I went to bed early. |Feeling |
|2. |Receiving no reply, I wrote to her again. |√ |
|3. |Feel thirsty, John bought a can of coke. |____________________ |
|4. |Walked on something slippery, Jim lost his balance. |____________________ |
|5. |Turning around, Jet saw a lovely toy that he liked. |____________________ |
|6. |Hearing the bad news, she was very upset. |____________________ |
|7. |Put down the cookbook, I went to answer the phone. |____________________ |
|8. |Entered the flat, Mrs Wong smelt something burning. |____________________ |
|9. |See Sally, Derek waved to her. |____________________ |
|10. |Writing on the backboard, Mr Chan did not know the students were making fun of | |
| |him. |____________________ |
|11. |Fell over, the student broke his leg. |____________________ |
|12. |Laid out his paint and brushes, Fred started to paint. |____________________ |

H Match the sentences in column A with those in column B. Write the present perfect tense of the verbs in the blanks. (20 marks, 1 marks each)

Column A Column B
|1. |Ann is very happy. |______ |A. |The one we have now ____________ |
| | | | |_______ (break) down twice this week. |
|2. |I’m afraid we need a new television. |______ |B. |We ______________ (know) each other for more than 10 |
| | | | |years. |
|3. |I’m not hungry. |______ |C. |He ______________ (leave) already. |
|4. |I didn’t tell him you were looking for him. | |D. |She ______________ (pass) the examination. |
| | |______ | | |
|5. |I cannot get into my house. |______ |E. |Yes, I am here now, actually. But she _____________ |
| | | | |(fall) asleep already. |
|6. |Mr Wong is passionate about teaching. | |F. |I _______________ (have) lunch. |
| | |______ | | |
|7. |Sophia and I are good friends. |______ |G. |My sister ______________________ |
| | | | |(return) them to me. |
|8. |I can’t reach John at the moment. |______ |H. |He _______________ (teach) in this school since 1999. |
|9. |Have you visited Sue in the hospital? |______ |I. |I ______________ (lose) my keys. |
|10. |I am reading the magazines now. |______ |J. |He ______________ (go) out for a walk. |


Part 1

A 1. America 2. Hong Kong 3. Human issues 4. Beauty/Appearance-related/Fashion and cosmetics

B 5. D 6. B

C 7. Not Given 8. False 9. Not Given

10. I like Cosmopolitan most because I am interested in fashion. (free response)

Part 2

E 2. had gone 3. were 4. had 5. had said 6. had … gone 7. told 8. had … left 9. had … heard
10. knew
11. Did … tell

F 2. Causing diseases and deaths, chemicals are harming city life. 3. Filled with enthusiasm about promoting worldwide environmental protection, Gaylord Nelson, an environmentalist, established Earth Day. 4. Worried about the Earth’s welfare, he wanted to increase people’s environmental awareness. 5. Determined to pass their message on from one generation to the next, many environmentalists nowadays include education in their policies. 6. Concerned about environmental damage, he wrote two books on how to avoid it. 7. Wanting to tell more people about Earth Day, he wrote letters to schools and sent articles to magazines. 8. Attracting interest from the public, his efforts turned out to be a success. 9. Realising the importance of conserving the environment, people became actively involved.
10. Interested to find out how the Earth became so polluted, many school children supported the activities on Earth Day.
11. Having become aware of the problems faced by the Earth, the public still believes Earth Day is important.

G 3. Feel→Feeling 4. Walked→Walking 5. √ 6. √ 7. Put→Putting 8. Entered→Entering 9. See→Seeing
10. √
11. Fell→Falling
12. Laid→Laying

H 1. D, has passed 2. A, has broken 3. F, have had 4. C, has left 5. I, have lost 6. H, has taught 7. B, have known 8. J, has gone 9. E, has fallen
10. G, has returned

A Score:

B Score:

E Score:

F Score:

G Score:

H Score:


Total Score:

C Score:

D Score:

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...ENGLISH 10 Joscar Gamaliel Malacaman Email : Cellphone : 09165611730 (Important messages only please) Consultation Hours : FC 1115 M-F 12:00pm – 2pm Course Number : English 10 Course Title : College English Course Description : The writing and critical reading of basic forms of academic Discourse essential to university work. Credit : 3 units Objectives • To develop skills in reading and writing for general academic purpose • To develop independent, creative, and critical thinking through reading and writing various forms of academic discourse • To further an awareness of oneself and others through the exposure to, study of, and experiences with the written word Course Breakdown INTRODUCTION Introduction and Diagnostic Exam Grammar Review Elements of Style by Strunk and White RESEARCH Definition of Research Research Topic Problematique and Thesis Statement CRITICAL THINKING Understanding and Evaluating Data Introduction to Reaction Papers BASIC ELEMENTS OF WRITING Audience, Point of View, Levels of Language, Voice, Style Structure of the Essay Proofreading and Editing PRE-WRITING Ideas and Data-Gathering Sources and Kinds of Sources Introduction to Report Writing Organizing Ideas Introduction to Concept Papers TECHNIQUES IN WRITING Kinds of statements Making......

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...Reasons Students Drop out of College English 100, November 21, 2011 For most people finishing college is a challenge while for others it’s quite easy. There are many reasons why people throughout the United States are unable to graduate from college (See elearners).The reason for this is because some of them have to work, financial constraints, and some just have many family issues. Having to work and go to school can negatively affect your studies. Some students have a hard time juggling stuff while attending college. Some students live alone so they have to pay for their living expenses while trying to attend school. Due to working and going to school they begin to fall behind in their assignments and classes. Not only do they fall behind in school but they do not get enough sleep, which is essential for a student who works and studies. Many studies show that the amount of students that are dropping out of college this year due to work has increased more and more throughout each passing year (See GoCollege). Some students even drop out because with work and school they cannot find time for themselves with such a busy schedule. With so social time students tend to become stressed out which negatively affects their progress in school. Because of all this eventually most students feel like because of school they have no time to relax themselves after a long day/night of work so they start to shy......

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...B DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PROGRAMME DU DIPLÔME DU BI PROGRAMA DEL DIPLOMA DEL BI N05/1/A1ENG/HP2/ENG/TZ0/XX ENGLISH A1 – HIGHER LEVEL – PAPER 2 ANGLAIS A1 – NIVEAU SUPÉRIEUR – ÉPREUVE 2 INGLÉS A1 – NIVEL SUPERIOR – PRUEBA 2 INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Ÿ Do not open this examination paper until instructed to do so. Ÿ Answer one essay question only. You must base your answer on at least two of the Part 3 works you have studied. You may include in your answer a discussion of a Part 2 work of the same genre if relevant. Answers which are not based on a discussion of at least two Part 3 works will not score high marks. INSTRUCTIONS DESTINÉES AUX CANDIDATS Ÿ N’ouvrez pas cette épreuve avant d’y être autorisé(e). Ÿ Traitez un seul sujet de composition. Vous devez baser votre réponse sur au moins deux des oeuvres de la 3e partie que vous avez étudiées. Le cas échéant, vous pouvez inclure dans votre réponse une discussion sur une oeuvre du même genre littéraire étudiée dans la 2e partie du programme. Les réponses qui ne sont pas basées sur au moins deux des oeuvres de la 3e partie n’obtiendront pas une note élevée. INSTRUCCIONES PARA LOS ALUMNOS Ÿ No abra esta prueba hasta que se lo autoricen. Ÿ Elija un tema de redacción. Su respuesta deberá basarse en al menos dos de las obras estudiadas en la Parte 3. Se podrán hacer comentarios sobre una obra de la Parte 2 del mismo género, si fuera necesario. Las respuestas que no incluyan una discusión sobre al menos dos obras de la......

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