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Word/phrase | Synonyms or antonyms &(Types) or relevant words | Meaning in the context | pretense of knowledge | =pretension/pretence | Claim that you have potential quality/skillspretense of knowledge refers to a scientific approach that uses pattern assumptions to replace human intentionality | Monetary incentive | =motivation | Encourage SO by moneymanaging tool which requires monetary incentives to behave toward the shareholder’s interest | To sustain | =to maintain | Continue for some time without making lessWhen she lost her job, she could not sustain their expensive lifestyle | Be consistent with | >< inconsistent & (consistency, consistently) | In agreement with something not contradicting sthThis theory is consistent/inconsistent with practices | To predicate | = to base on / (predicate) | To base on/upon particular belief idea and principleThis assumption is predicated upon the contingency theoryTo state that sth is trueThis result predicates that the world economy collapse in 2007 was caused by the weakness of financial prediction | To be enacted | = regulate | To pass by lawThis ordinance is enacted by the city government | to conceive ofto conceive that/how/what | = have an idea for/(conceivable) | to form an idea, plan in your mind, to imagine withHe conceived the idea of creating fuel from water | Suspension of | =punishment /(suspend) | The act to officially remove SO from sthjob/school for period of time Many movie require the viewer to engage in a willing suspension of disbelief | To diminish | =decrease | To became or make sth weakerThe agency theory diminishes the relevance of human values, moralities and ethics. | To delegateTo be delegate | =designate/assign | To give part of works to the lower positionManagers who are delegated the authority to perform the management on behalf of the principals | To claim/receive compensationWay of compensation | (compensate) | Money or sth gives to SO bc of his or her damagebLabors who work overtime will receive compensation | | | | Be rooted by | = originally derived from | come to existence, originate | be traversed | = pass | travel across or pass over | solicitous | = concern (about) | high concern about | to evade | = evade | avoid doing sth | diverge | =extend | | to be salient | =prominent | | to thrust | =force/drive | push forcefully | crystalize | =clear | make free/clear from confusion | delegate | =desinate | to transfer power to SO | to deepend | =heighten | make more intense, stronger or more maked | to tolerance | = | | fateful | =distratrous | | prescription | | | | | | termed | = | | parlance | | | imperative | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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