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English Obesity and Poverty

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Social issues in the US

Obesity has gradually become a major health issue in America and the statistics, which I am going to talk about later, is frightening. To understand how large the health issue is, we have to understand what obesity is. Obesity is a condition where someone has so much body fat that it might damage their health. We define this amount of body fat by at least 20% or higher according to According to USA actually has some of the highest obesity rates in the world, and in this text I am going to look at some of the reasons why. The obesity does not just harm a specific part of the people, it harms everyone. Over a third of the American adults and almost 20% of the teenagers is obese. ( All this obesity has to come at a cost, not only personally but also economically. In this text I am going to look at some reasons to obesity, look at statistics and also talk about the future of obesity.

For major parts of the American people, obesity is not a choice. Many are raised up in a poor family who do not have the resources to buy their kids or themselves healthy meals. 14,8 % of the American population live in poverty, that equals to around 47 million people. ( This is one of the biggest causes to obesity. Poor people have a lot less access to healthy and nutritious food. ( Therefor I would say that obesity and poverty is strongly connected. According to USDA, a vehicle is one of the most important things for a family to access healthy food. Also, if you live in an urban low-income neighborhood the chances of there being a good grocery store with high quality food and low-fat products are slim. But even if a family live nearby a healthy store or have access to a vehicle, they still could remain obese. Because...

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