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English Only Debate

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EDU 225 Instructional Technology
Benchmark Assessment and Rubric
Targeted Essential Learning
Students study and utilize a variety of technologies such as computer software and hardware and will develop a personal technology philosophy and classroom technology plan designed to enhance and shape their teaching skills and knowledge to better utilize emerging technology. (APTS 3, INTASC 6) Assessment Tool Selected 1) Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan 2) Reflection Essay
Specific Performance/Task(s)
Select and implement appropriate technology and resources. (APTS 3.11)
Select and use research-based strategies to engage learners. (APTS 3.12)
Relevancy of Task to Teacher Candidate
Demonstrate the effective use of technology to foster active inquiry, promote collaboration, and support interaction in the classroom.
Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions
Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan (e-Portfolio Assignment)
In Modules 2-6 you will be drafting the component parts of a Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan for use in a 21st century classroom. The Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan will include the sections listed below. Drafts of these sections will be submitted throughout the course for instructor feedback and will be revised for inclusion in the Benchmark Assessment, due in Module 7. A Reflection Essay will also be prepared to accompany the plan. The plan is composed of the following components: * Section One: Mission and Vision Statement * Section Two: Communications Plan * Section Three: Integrating Instructional Technology * Section Four: Software to Support Assessment * Section Five: Technology Ethics in the Classroom * Conclusion *
Section One: Mission and Vision Statement 1) Review “Overview: Framework for 21st Century Learning,” a required reading for Module 2, to gain a sense...

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