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While many students were trying to decide on their future classes, a meeting was held in regards to Dual Credit English. Each student who considered taking the course attended the meeting. Teachers and previous students made the upcoming students aware of the requirements while taking Dual Credit English before anyone signed up for the course. Listening to them speak, I did not see those requirements to be a problem that I could not handle. However, I did see myself as an amateur writer that needed major improvement. I feel as if I have progressively advanced in my writing. Although, I have not perfected any of the different writing aspects; I have learned from Mrs. Menetre’s corrections especially on my use of second person. Over my English …show more content…
Although there were specific instructions to not use second person I did not fully understand what that meant. Coming into English 1113, I had not been corrected on my point of view before. Whenever I received feedback on this essay, I learned to be more careful while writing my papers.
In “Lean on Me,” there were more corrections made about my use of second person than in “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.” In everyday conversation, I find myself speaking in second person rather than first or third. I am accustomed to using “you” and “your” instead of “he or she” and “his or hers”. My previous English teachers have not corrected any of my papers on its point of view. I had begun to learn how to correct myself and have others proof read my papers; however, on this particular paper, I failed to do so. Throughout “Lean on Me” I was continuously corrected on my use of second person in my writing.
Based on what I have learned throughout English 1113, I am able to notice errors I have made by not writing my papers in either first or third person. During this course, I have developed into a better writer because I have learned from Mrs. Menetre’s corrections. In “Perceptions of Perfection,” I remained in first person for the duration of my

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