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Many women share a common goal in life, to become a wife and mother. Once a woman reaches this goal, what is next? How does she behave in such a role? Each of these women wants to obtain such a status, but who knows how to fulfill it? Numerous opinions dance about with only wives and mothers of the past as support for the presented arguments. A woman new to her position needs only to follow in the steps of a great role model to have the chance of also becoming a respected and loved spouse and caregiver. St. Augustine’s mother, Monica, described throughout Augustine’s Confessions and Rebekah, whose story is told in Genesis 25 and 27, share little in character or in their beliefs of marital bliss. Both give examples of how women choose to conduct themselves in marriage and motherhood. Two women, both wives and mothers, hardly compare in their virtues, their view of marriage, or their ideas of a woman’s responsibilities to her husband. A virtuous woman excels at her tasks without experiencing repercussions while a woman of little virtue hatches schemes that a price must be paid in order to succeed. Augustine continuously commends his mother on her virtues through his depiction of her. The story presented in Genesis shows little evidence of Rebekah possessing many admirable qualities. With Monica, lists have been made of all her virtues; some find it difficult to number Rebekah’s due to limited resources or rather their lack of existence. While Monica walks through life patiently persistent, Rebekah finds herself anxiously drumming her fingers watching life pass her. Monica’s actions reveal her patience through the way she “awaits [the Lord’s] mercy upon [Patricius],” her husband (Augustine 1243). Over the years, she waits for the Lord to give her husband the faith to believe that he may be saved. Never does she force her Heavenly Father on him, but...

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