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ENGL1F91 Assignment week 2 It took several readings of 'The Dream of the Rood' for me to ascertain who the author was let alone the audience. The poem was very complex to my view in that the author seemed to paint multiple pictures. First the poem starts out from the view of the dreamer, later on it changes to a narrative from the cross itself. That made it more difficult for me to understand. I believe that in this poem the author wants the audience to feel many things, outrage over the injustice being primary. The author paints a picture for the audience so not as to elicit our pity but rather our sense of morality. The line 'Clearly this was no criminals gallows, but holy spirits were beholding it there, men on this earth, all that mighty creation' (P33, L20) intrigued me as I believe it was intended to do. The audience is supposed to see implicitly that the tree was not being used for a criminal but for someone holy, that it was being forced to take part in the death of an innocent man.

I believe the role of the audience is to feel outraged and stand up against the injustice. The narration is almost that of a resigned story teller but it has the undertones of anger, like he wants the audience to feel his pain and anger. 'Then the warriors left me there standing, blood all over me, pierced everywhere with arrows.' (P34, L60), this line almost sounds like he wants the audience to understand that he was betrayed. The cross did his job as he was forced to do it and then they just left him there. I believe the audience is supposed to feel this sense of betrayal. I believe the nature of the audience is supposed to be diverse. It doesn't seem to be a story simply for Christians but rather anyone with a sense of...

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