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Chemistry Part 3: “Toe”


Maida Khalid
Ms. Rymal
October 26, 2012

Product: Nicotine (C10H14N2)

Structural Formula 2-D:


It is a bicyclic (2 fused rings) compound with a pyridine cycle and a pyrrolidine cycle as indicated by the above diagram.

Structural Formula in 3-D

The following shows a step by step demonstration on how to create the chemical structure for nicotine. The diagrams also include the bond angles between the elements.

**Side Note*** The bond angles for a pyridine are all in the 120 - 122 degrees range and the bond angles for a pyrrolidine are all in the 109 - 115 degrees range. [Not all angles are shown, since they are all within the range provided.]

Legend: Blue Ball = Nitrogen atom [pic] Grey Ball = Carbon atom [pic] White Ball = Hydrogen atom [pic] 2 sticks joining atoms = double bond 1 stick joining atoms = single bond Angles shown with: Green curve

Step 1: Pyridine Ring Structure


Angle: 120.0º between nitrogen, carbon-carbon double bonded. The angle is approximately the same throughout the entire structure [120 - 122 degrees range].

Step 2: Pyrrilodine Ring Structure


Angle: 110.2º of carbon, nitrogen and carbon; all single bonded. The angle is approximately the same throughout the entire structure [109 - 115 degrees range].

Step 3: Pyrrilodine with CH3 attached to the nitrogen.


Angle: 113.1º of carbon, nitrogen and carbon; all single bonded [109 - 115 degrees...

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