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小作文:柱状图,四个国家(中国、美国、俄罗斯、澳大利亚)在工业、农业、家庭消耗水的百分比情况 in 2001
大作文: 发展中国家应该邀请外国大公司来建厂做生意还是应该闭关锁国保护本土公司?

小作文是个table below 讲六个地方和全球60以后的人的比例in 2000和2050
大作文是说employers有social skill能在工作中成功呢还是有good qualification的employers能成功

小作文 柱图,制造两种不同质地的杯子所耗的material 比较;
大作文:Some people think that young people should follow traditions of their society, and others think young people should be free to behave as individuals.

小作文:柱状图 七个region的男女文学能力rates和世界平均水平对比

小作文:task1是柱状图 对比一个国家男女一年内take trips的人数和原因
大作文:Full-time university students need to spend a lot of time studying, but it is essential to involve other activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

大作文In the future, there will be a higher proportion of older people than younger people in many countries, what's the advantage and disadvantage?

小作文:柱状图 The bar chart shows the average working hours of full-time workers and part-time workers in three countries and in Europe.
共有两幅柱状图,第一幅图对应full-time workers, 第二图对应part-time workers.每一幅图都有4组柱,分别对应三个国家:Greece, Netherlands, the UK,以及欧洲的平均值。每一组有2根柱,分别对应men和women.
大作文:News media are important in modern society. Why are they so important? Are their influences generally positive or negative?

小作文:小作文3个pie 关于where coffee produced where coffee consumed where profits go
大作文:the tendency of news reports focus on the problems and emergencies rather than positive development is harmful to individual and to society.To what extent do you agree or disagree。

大作文:Some people prefer planning for the future while others argue that we should focus on the present. What is your opinion?

小作文:饼和柱,关于distribution (pie)and water use percentage (bar)。(1饼1柱讨论三个国家工农业用水情况)
大作文 prison is useless for crime problems and education can be a better solution.AD(让犯人进监狱还是接受教育,同意or不同意?)

小作文是4个饼图,对比undergraduates and postgraduates 对于library资源的意见。
大作文是Food produced in greater amount and much cheaply due to the developed fertilizers and better machinery yet some others say it is dangerous to human health and local communities. To What extent do u agrees or disagree ?(由于化肥和机械生产食物很便宜,但是这会对人身健康和当地社区有负面影响,你多大程度同意?)

大作文Nowadays an increasing number of people do not know their neighbors.

小作文:考的流程图,2个图分别是过去很现在的超市和供货商的transporting system。
大作文:很多人可以出国,一些人抓住这个机会learn foreign culture和traditions。如何学习到culture和traditions,为什么有的人没有学到?
Some visitors are interested in other countries' cultures and traditions. how they learn other cultures and traditions? why this is interesting to some visitors but not to others.

小作文table, 比较英国4种 films 的tickets: (drama, comedy, fantasy, romance)在2000和2010年的sales比例; About the sales of four kinds of movies between 2000 and 2010.
大作文Advertising encourage people to buy in quantity rather than promoting its quality. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

小作文:两个line chart,关于urban和rural population 的age。
大作文:Many cities and towns in the world have high volumes of traffic. What problems it may cause? give reasons and actions.

大作文:Arts (painting and music) does not directly improve People's life, so government should spend money on other things. Agree or disagree.

小作文:柱状图,UK在2008的graduate和postgraduate students的4个destination(excluding full-time work)---- further study, volunteer, unemployment, 还有个忘记了。
大作文:很多国家24小时电视节目播放的事是positive development还是negative的。


小作文:3个饼图。一个国家2008年人们的旅行方式。第一个图是整体情况,后两个分别分为male和female的。分类分别有driving by car/van(最多), passengers on car/van(男女有差,女的是第三多的,男的是第四多的), walk(都第二多), public transport(女的第四多,男的第三多), taxi(基本倒数第二或并列倒数第一), others (最后)
大作文: A free admission to museum Disadvantages outweigh advantages?

小作文: line chart, the amount of energy generated wind in 4 countries from 1980 to 1995,
大作文: spend money on major sports of international competition or spend money encouraging children to take part in sports from a young age.

Task1:表格题。5国健康费用支出。health spending的数据; private 和 public spending 描述和对比
Task2:Some people believe everyone has the right to get university education,to what extent do you agree government should make it free to all people no matter of their financial background? 大学教育是否该无视家庭经济背景统一免费?

小作文 Bar chart. An European ct adult employment status in 1998 and 2008.
大作文 Money for postgraduate research is limited. Therefore some people think financial support from governments should be only provided for scientific research rather than research for less useful subjects. Do you agree or disagree?

小作文:Pie Chart, five different reasons for students to choose a particular university in Uk, 给了两个年份的数据1987和2007,关于人们去英国留学的原因
大作文:In some countries, Young people are not only richer but also safer and healthier than ever before. However, they are less happy. Reasons and solutions

大作文Some people think personal happiness is directly related to economic success, while others believe this depends on other factors. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.一些人认为个人幸福是直接经济上的成功所决定,而另一些人这取决于其他不同的因素。

小作文是线形图,两个,the average temperature in Tokyo, Japan and in Sydney, Australia.
大作文是利弊比较,The population of the mix of people from different culture and ethnic group, why, and is it positive and negative.

2012 年10月 20日雅思写作真题回忆
小作文地图比较2个community centers 的floor print
大作文,nowadays it is more convenient and easier for people to travel to other countries, is it development a positive or negative effect ?

A类大作文考advertising会不会让人look the same or lose individuality
A类小作文table 年轻人2005年从事的职业跟2010年从事职业的比例区别

2012 年11月 3日雅思写作真题回忆
小作文柱状图,关于learning foreign language
两张bar charts ,第一张关于14-16岁的男女学生外语学习的百分比in1985 and 2007。第二张图是three top foreign languages, French, German,还有一个不记得了,也是百分比两年之间比较。

大作文:Many people are afraid to leave home because of crimes. Some believe that more action should be taken to prevent crimes, but others feel little can be done. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (犯罪类,同04年9月11日及08年10月4日)

小作文table对3个医院的满意度打分(工作人员,quality of treatment、aftercare)

大作文:traditionally speaking, three subjects are included in the education: maths, reading, writing. Some argue that the computer skills should be added so that every child can be benefited. To what extent do you agree or agree?

大作文: In the past, buildings often reflected the culture of a society but today all modern buildings look alike and cities throughout the world are becoming increasingly similar. What do you think is the reason for this? And is it a good thing or a bad thing?

2012 年11月 24日雅思写作真题回忆
小作文:地图题(One university sports centre in 2007 and the present day.)
大作文:With the increasing use of mobile phone and computer, the number of people who write letter has decreased. As a result, letter writing will disappear soon. Do u agree or disagree? How do you think letter writing is important?

小作文:regions of import and export food. 柱状图
大作文increasing number of organization have allowed people work at home. Positive or negative effect ?

大作文是人们现在throw things away and buy new ones 当东西坏了时,而不像以前一样repaired and used again,问Why and Problems。

大作文:很多男女决定很晚才要小孩,原因是什么?对family life和society有什么影响?

小作文:线图 ,关于Petrol, coal and natural gas between 1981 and 2000.
大作文:How do you think people do not visit museums in their local areas?How important are museums to our society? We live in cities or towns which have museums displaying historical and cultural importance, but people do not visit them.

小作文:柱状图,四个国家(中国、美国、俄罗斯、澳大利亚)在工业、农业、家庭消耗水的百分比情况 in 2001
大作文: 发展中国家应该邀请外国大公司来建厂做生意还是应该闭关锁国保护本土公司? In response to whether developing countries should concentrate on invitation of foreign companies to set up businesses or impose higher standards or even embargo foreign business penetration, I prefer to combine both ideas. Joint-venture is a great example of

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...UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN FOUNDATION IN SCIENCE - FHEL1012 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC STUDY ACADEMIC YEAR: 2015/16 SEMESTER: JAN 2016 ASSIGNMENT – 35% The Issue Analysis assignment for this subject is divided into two parts which are (1) Group Essay and (2) Group Presentation. TASK 1- Synthesis Essay Writing - (20%) In your LECTURE class: 1. Get into groups of 4-5 students. 2. Each group is to choose a theme (e.g. Petroleum). This theme has to be agreed by all group members before given to the lecturer. Lecturer is required to approve your theme before you can finalize it. 3. If your group could not decide on a theme, the lecturer will provide a list of themes for your choosing. 4. Themes are chosen on first-come-first-serve basis. 5. NO two groups in one lecture may choose a common theme. 6. Then, decide the genre/angle/aspect of the theme which you are going to use to compose your essay and discuss with your lecturer and seek approval. - E.g. Let’s say that the theme of your group is ‘Petroleum’. You are then required to choose either to write a problem-solution essay or a cause-effect essay based on the theme chosen i.e. - Problem of petroleum on economy. - Solution to implement subsidy. - Solution to reduce vehicle usage. 7. Seek external references for your essay (magazine articles, newspaper articles, journals, and credible websites) as sources for your essay. 8. Collect a MINIMUM OF 5 sources for your essay and these......

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