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My summer expectationLærke Emig Bloch Hansen | Engelsk Essay
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My summer expectationLærke Emig Bloch Hansen | Engelsk Essay
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Summer, Out of all the season's I can think of, there is only one that comes to mind.
Summer, the best season of them all. I am that kind of person there have a plan for my summer vacation. I am looking forward to summer in months, and I always have an idea of what a fantastic summer it is going to be. There are many reasons to why I think summer is the best, I mean, with winter, spring, and the fall. They are all great seasons too, but summer blows them all out of the way. The days are getting longer and the nights getting shorter.
School is over, so you have the freedom and time, to do anything you want. No more nerve-wrecking testes, homework, or projects. Summer is just the time for fun and relaxing.
That is the way I always look at my summer.

It was the first day in my summer vacation. I had promised myself, that this summer was going to be crazy. I would do something that no one ever could exceed. My summer would be a whole history of action, activity and excitement, my summer was going to be the one that, everybody would like to hear about.
What I did, was I jumped out of.... No wait, more like trying to get up in a slow motion kind of way. Anyway, I was going to have an astonishing day, the first day of ‘Lærkes crazy summer’ could now start. What I did after being awake in a couple of hours, I was trying to figure out, what this day should bring me. It was a perfect wetter, so I decided to figure that out on the beach… Or no, more correctly in my bed. So I was grabbing my… Remove control, and turned on the TV. My mom walked into my room to tell me, that dinner was ready, and I realized, that I had stayed in bed the whole first day of my crazy summer.…...

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