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05054500 – Lesson 6 – Writing With Sources ME, A WRITER? Attitude: Describe your attitude toward completing this course. As part of the description, explore how your feelings about being required to take a composition course may affect your performance in accomplishing the course objectives. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences) Inventory: Explain what you learned about yourself as a writer working through the inventory exercise. Discuss two ways you want to improve as a writer and why. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences) REQUIRED JOURNAL ENTRY 2: PREWRITING Brainstorming: Brainstorm about specific positive and negative effects computers have had on your personal, professional, and academic life. Create a one-page list of your ideas. Thesis: Based on your brainstorming, write a one-sentence working thesis statement that focuses on the impact of computers related to a single area of your life (personal, professional, or academic). The thesis should be one you could develop into an essay of about one page (250-300 words), directed to readers of your local newspaper. Don't draft the essay in your journal, however. You need only your list from brainstorming and your working thesis statement. REQUIRED JOURNAL ENTRY 3: DRAFTING This entry builds on the brainstorming and thesis you developed for Journal Entry 2. Evidence: Identify three different types of evidence you could use to develop your working thesis from Entry 2. Use specific information from your brainstorming list, as well as any other ideas that come to you. (Length open)

REQUIRED JOURNAL ENTRY 4: REVISING This journal entry requires you to review the rough draft of the essay below. Analyze the draft according to each of the areas listed, identifying what needs revision. For each area, explain why and how you would change the draft. (4 para-

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