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Strategic Positioning Initiatives

Positioning Concept:

Engro successfully established unique and distinctive image of Olper’s Milk brand in the minds of the customers by positioning it as a contemporary and modern brand which is healthy and natural and it is use for all purposes. In my view point they are using Functional Concept for positioning Olper’s Milk brand by emphasizing that the brand will make you more healthy and strong.

Positioning Initiatives:

In order to communicate this positioning concept Engro uses the following marketing mix strategies:

Product Strategy:
Olper’s Milk which is a flagship brand for Engro launched in 2006 is competing in a Packaged Milk Category The country's leading all-purpose standardized UHT processed milk, Olper's Milk is sheer indulgence in every sip and is backed by its high nutrition content and invigorating freshness that have become synonymous with the Olper's brand. Today Olper's combines nutrition, value and taste to deliver an unforgettable consumer experience to every individual within every house-hold where the day begins with Olper's, as far as packaging is concerned its unique red color is the soul of brand identity in various media outlets, it is available in 4 SKUs of 200 ml, 500ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml value packs.
Pricing Strategy:
They are pursuing competitive pricing strategy, the brand has market share of 22 % which comes after Nestle Milk Pack in the packaged milk category.
Value Chain Strategy:
Engro Foods aims to become the only company to utilize all of the milk collecting areas in Pakistan but in 2008 they established dairy farm in Sukkur (pursuing Backward Integration) to overcome the demand and supply gap. In order to reach its customers they are pursuing Intensive Distribution Strategy by gaining proper shelf placement and competing head to head with other brand this category.

Promotion Strategy:
• Engro Foods utilized a dynamic campaign, and during Ramazan, molded its message to talk about the "All Purpose" nature of their brand during both Iftaar and Sehree. They are aiming to own the religious month and their special edition packaging, Ramzan relevant ATL (Above The Line—television, radio, etc.) and tailor-made iftaar activations, are aimed at building the necessary association they want in consumers’ minds.
• Other avenues of BTL (Below The Line—brochures, flyers, etc.) have also contributed to the brand’s success. The World of Olper’s, for example, involves reaching out to the different locations in various cities and having the housewives participates in learning and showcasing milk-based recipes. The Olper’s Consumer Relationship Party is another ongoing BTL based program, which intends to create and maintain loyalty amongst the brand’s users.
Positioning Effectiveness:
Engro Foods successfully create a unique image for the Olper’s Milk Brand (through its quality, unique packaging, strong distribution network in around 80 cities in Pakistan and effective promotional campaigns) in the minds of the customer who perceive the brand distinctly from other competing brands in the market. Due to such efforts today Olper’s Milk is considered one of the fastest growing FMCG brands in Pakistan.

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