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Is there a difference in advertisements for clothing from retail stores now than in the past?
I have decided to look at how stores in the past have advertised sales and new launches of products in department clothing stores, I chose this as my aspect of language to study because I have two jobs and they both are with working clothes and part of my job includes setting up promotions for sales and describing clothing to a customer. I have always wondered why advertisers and the website designers use certain ways to catch people’s attention and also what their original intention was. I believe the best way to learn about this and thoroughly understand it would be to research the difference and compare it to post war advertisements. The main post war advertisements I am going to look at our from a particular department store ‘Jolly’s’ which is located in Bath, I chose this because I have an interest in the history of the store and believe it would be appropriate as it has been open since 1772. I am expecting to find a significant difference in the language used due to the fact there is such a time difference.
I am studying language from a particular source (House of Fraser/Jolly’s) meaning that I am conducting a longitudinal study, I am also studying it from a particular period of time, for example from when it first opened to the current marketing. I currently work in House of Fraser therefore I have links for finding my data, so I have a clear comparison I will collect pictures of posters and leaflets which will represent marketing from this current period of time(2013). Within Jolly’s as it is such a historical store during our training we learned about the history of the store meaning I can locate old books and pictures that will have the data I need from 1772 when it had just opened as a department store.
My data I collect will be...

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