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Enslaved and Exploited

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Enslaved and Exploited Imagine being in situation where you are forced to perform sexual acts and all odds were against you. How would you feel? Over twenty-one million people experience that on a daily basis, and this act is called human trafficking. In a recent documentary about the subject Ensalved and Exploited, they defined human trafficking as the “recruitment, harbouring, transportation, provision, obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act” and most of these people are women and children who are destined for the sex trade. Anyone who is being abused or provides a service because they are afraid is considered human trafficking. This essay aims to explain the contexts of human trafficking and its effects. It will also look at the case of Timea Nagi and relate it all back to course material. Firstly, many wonder how do these people get involved in this trade? The main way that people can get tied up inhuman trafficking is by responding to a job offer. Many young European women who seek jobs as nannies or models in North America, have their passports confiscated upon arrival and are forced to work in strip clubs and brothels. The girls are told that they owe a lot of money for food and travel debt to their traffickers and that is how they are forced to service men. Some may service an average of five hundred to seven hundred men before their debt is paid. Why don’t they just run away or quit? If the women refuse work or run away, are threatened with the safety of their families back home. How easy is it to traffic these young women? Victor Malarek (senior reporter for CTV’s W5) decided to investigate. He posed as a man who was opening a strip club and was looking for women who could service the men. He met a guy who had the connections to get him as many women as he wanted within a week. The young women had reached their breaking point...

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