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Ensuring Ethical Behavior at Disney

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Ensuring Ethical Behavior at Disney
Ethical behavior has shown to be at backbone of every successful organization. Disney is one such company. To ensure ethical behavior, Disney has compliance training for all employees and cast members. “Disney Development Connection,” as it is called, teaches Disney employees how to act ethically, and legally, in order to comply with their Standards of Business Conduct (The Walt Disney Company, 2013). Within the Standards of Business Conduct are six standards that employees and cast members should abide by: integrity, trust, teamwork, honesty, play-by-the-rules, and respect (The Walt Disney Company, 2013). Integrity holds the expectation that employees make ethical decisions and take responsibility for their actions in order to protect their guests, audiences, and shareholders. Trust ensures that employees and cast members remain committed to Disney’s guests. Teamwork and honesty are expected at Disney, everyone is to work as a team, and as a team they must be committed to honesty to ensure the protection of Disney’s legacy. To play by the rules means that employees and cast members must comply with all rules, regulations, and local law. At Disney, everyone is a member of the community. In order to be a good corporate citizen, respect should always be demonstrated. In addition to Disney Development Connection, and Disney’s Standards of Business Conduct there are further attempts to ensure ethical practice. To demonstrate ethical decision making, Disney themselves provides equal opportunity employment, and harassment and discrimination prevention policies. It is Disney’s mission to “Drive the people dimension of our business, consistent with Disney’s culture and values (The Walt Disney Company, 2013).”

The Walt Disney Company. (2013). Business and Ethics Standards. Retrieved from The Walt Disney Company:…...

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