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Enter Without so Much as Knocking

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Bruce Dawe effectively utilises the poem ‘enter without as much as knocking’ as a tool to explore in depth the not only physical but emotional influences from modern society. Dawes poem is a political and social statement of contemporary culture and the cyclic web of conforming and consumerism that we follow consciously and subliminally. The persona is born into a clinical, inorganic world of ‘Blink, blink. HOSPITAL. SILENCE’, where feelings of isolation and distance are evoked, where loss of connectedness and belonging is created. Dawe comments upon the superficial world we are brought into from the start. Without warning, without consent we are stripped from our innocence and taught what is right and what is “true”. Even from a place of safety, from a haven in a “mothers arms” the allusion of “Bobby Dazzler on channel 7” from the cradle so to speak, introduces the influence of the character and opinions of his modern external world. From the ‘set-up’ of the personas life individuality is robbed as he becomes part of a stereotypical family where reality is superficial and abiding family and society norms begins control. The frame work of this conformed civilization compel the persona to exist as a commodity of a nuclear family that runs all too often on the middle class dictates of consumerism, wealth and keeping up with Jones image. Even as a child, within his family he is introduced into a world of control and society norms. Dawes effectively emphasises this using the technique of listing when he refer s to the stereotypical family with an ‘economy-size mum, one Anthony Squires-Coolstream-Summerweight dad etc’ . When Dawe writes ‘and he really was lucky because it didn’t mean a thing to him then’, he also effectively indicates through the use of ellipsis a poignant truth, the foreshadowing...

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