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Entering New Markets, Methods and Expectations

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Over the past forty years a new growing trend has been detected. This coincides with the desire of businessman to dislocate their production and companies outside the domestic market.
Such phenomenon, known as “delocalization of production”, can be defined as the social/ managerial/ organizational process through which firms not only deploy their sales on foreign markets, but they also draw supplies like raw materials, technology, facilities, equipment, financial resources and manpower.
The aim of this paper is to provide an analysis on winning internationalization strategies, that will help a company to successfully penetrate a new market.
Further on we will see a little case study on the shoes and accessories company Geox, performing an overview of its presence on international markets, providing a little historical background of the company and evaluating its competitiveness.
Competition intensification on the global scale has lead an increasing number of companies, in the last decade, to seek new job opportunities on international markets.
Internalization, today, is not only a way to increase the firm’s value, extends its competitive advantage and access to new opportunities. In our current economic environment it has become an useful and practically necessary way that may guarantee a firm’s outliving.
Going international for a company means going through a tough and long process, that will change its assets completely and with no coming back. It involves quite a bit of transformations in several areas, like the financial layout, organizational and technical structure, position on the market and human resources management.
In the past years a new phenomenon appeared on the international sphere, the so called globalization. Basically it can be defined as the immaterial and material integration of areas that are geographically far away, but that have…...

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