Enterpreneurial Leadership

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Entrepreneurial Leadership
Dorothy M. Oliver
Professor Marietta Lewis
Contemporary Business 508
January 23, 2012


Entrepreneurial Leadership
Introduction (5 or 6 sentences)
Profit-Oriented Entrepreneurial
Martha Stewart, born Martha Kostyra, by all accounts is now living the American dream. Born to a middle class family and is now rich and successful. In 1997, she created Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO). Omnimedia includes many of her ideas and projects. She can be found on tv, radio, in print, and of course the web.
Martha Stewart has an autocratic leadership style. It’s the style in which she dictates exactly what her employees are to do and how they do it. She pays great attention to minute details and is known to be very demanding. Some might say, she rules with a no nonsense attitude.
Top business leaders like Martha Stewart are known for five major business principles. The first business principle is to pursue your purpose with passion. Martha’s life is centered on MSLO. The second principle is to practice solid values. Her company is about quality products for an improved lifestyle at great value. The third principle is to lead with your heart as well as your head. Martha view people as a commodity. The fourth principle is to establish connected relationships. She remained loyal to Kmart ant even helped them emerge from Chapter 11. The fifth principle is to demonstrate self-discipline. Martha has an unwavering focus on her products and consumer demands.
Social-Oriented Entrepreneurial
Muhammad Yunus was born on June 28, 1940 in the village of Nathua, in Hathzari, Chittagong. His biggest influence was his mother, Sufia Khatun, who always helped any poor that knocked on the door. This inspired him to commit himself to eradication of poverty in which led to the establishment of Grameen Bank. The word Grameen stands for village…...