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Enterprise Environment

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Enterprise Environment Trust management is a major concern for some enterprise environments. Trust management is the ability to gain access into security policies with a certain level of credentials regardless of who is using the credentials to gain access. The author states “A traditional “system-security approach” to the processing of a signed request for action treats the task as a combination of authentication and access control. The receiving system first determines who signed the request and queries an internal database to decide whether the signer should be granted access to the resources needed to perform the requested action” (Blaze, Feigenbaum, Ioannidis, & Keromytis, n.d, para. 2.1). For example, when using online banking to access an account would require a username and password. At this point the person who owns the account is irrelevant as the only thing needed is the username and password. The domain of business to consumer suffers from these concerns of trust management. The paper will discuss the enabling role and challenges of distributed-trust-based management within a domain. In the role of business to consumer, technology plays a major factor in distributed-trust-based-management. If an organization has not updated its software this poses a threat to the organization. By updating the software (anti-virus and authentication software) as needed for the company it will protect itself and the consumer from vulnerabilities. The consumer will also be protected if the above-mentioned occurs when it is needed for the company. Some of the challenges that can occur because of the lack of updates are breaches in the security, personal information stolen for banking information, online payments, and online purchases. According to the author “Another type of theft involves stealing access to a computer or web site by stealing...

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