Enterprise Security Plan

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Enterprise Security Plan

Enterprise Security Plan
Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) is a major regional consulting company. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the firm’s 350 employees provide information technology and business systems consulting to its clients in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation, retail, financial services and education. Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) is a service provider. It provides IT services for other companies. Security is essential for SSC because it not only requires security for itself, but SSC also has many customers depending on it to provide top level IT services, which also includes security.
Enterprise risks are a part of all business and how we address these risks determines how successful we are in the business world. Risks can be defined by “any exposure to the chance of injury or loss.” (Cheryl l. Dunn, 2005) Risks can be internal or they can come to us from outside sources in the form of external risks. Both types of risks pose a threat to the overall security of the enterprise. An Enterprise Security Plan (ESP) outlines possible risks by identifying the vulnerabilities within the business process and ranks the vulnerabilities for ease in developing a mitigation plan. The ESP also identifies technologies and policies that will help in the development of an operational plan that protects the business process and intellectual property of your corporation.
Within this ESP we have developed 3 different appendixes for the ease of review and to facilitate the corporate review. First Appendix will focus on the identifying vulnerabilities. The second appendix will indentify the vulnerabilities that will have posed the greatest threat and will also provide the logical justification matrix. The third appendix will address Enterprise Vulnerabilities. Within this appendix Smith Systems Consulting…...