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RADIO and all its glory

Michael A DePiro Walters
Introduction to the Entertainment Industry - Online
Professor Kip Roddenberry

One of the most common forms of media, and one of the first ever-electronic mediums, radio has come a long ways over the years. First was a simple experiment to demonstrate transmission of frequency energy. Today a way of life for millions of people everyday, in 1892 the first ever radio was in the making, but it would not be till the early 1900’s that the first ever voice over would hit the airwaves. By 1904 radio was in full swing. By the 1930’s Radio sets were in homes across the world. “IT'S difficult to imagine a time before radio. From families gathered around huge radio sets in 1930s lounge rooms, to the blast from a car radio tuned into rock stations 40 years later, the ''wireless'' has had a profound effect on our lives.” (Thom, 2007)
Radio is enjoyed by millions of people everyday, it’s hard to tell which demographic works best. The best way for me to refer to Radio is in my own professional role in the industry. I currently work as the Program Director for Forever Broadcasting, the largest radio station in Pennsylvania. From my research and constant contact with Abatron it appears that more women tend to listen to the radio than men. This demographic is shown in all of our stations, and Abatron reports that the demographic of women listeners is high in most states.
The typical target customer is another hard one to pin point radio. Radio is a form of medium that connects to various ages. For instant our radio stations here at Forever had a scattered range of listener’s. Our one FM station Waly 103.9 pulls in the older crowed, people who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s they are the baby boomers. Hot 92 & Hot 100 caters to the young crowed ranging from 18-44, and Froggy the country music stations hits the...

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