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Entrepreneurial Intention

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Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Impact of entrepreneurship education programs on entrepreneurial intentions: An application of the theory of planned behavior
Master Thesis
Sofia Karali 357726 Supervisor: Pr. Dr. Roy Thurik Erasmus School of Economics Co-reader: Hendrik Halbe MSc Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Erasmus School of Economics Rotterdam 2013

Though many researchers have focused on entrepreneurship education, little research has been conducted on the precise effects and overall effectiveness of the entrepreneurship education programs. Drawing on the theory of planned behavior, this study investigates the impact of entrepreneurship programs on the entrepreneurial intention of students in higher education in the Netherlands. Data for this study is drawn from GUESSS (an international project investigating the entrepreneurial spirit of students worldwide). The results show that participants of entrepreneurship education programs are more likely to have higher intention (right or five years after their studies have been completed) to found their own businesses compared to nonparticipants. Furthermore, attitude toward entrepreneurship, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control mediate the aforementioned relationship. The findings of this report contribute both to the Theory of Planned Behavior and to the field of entrepreneurship education.


Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review & hypotheses 2.1 Entrepreneurship as intentionally planned behavior 2.1.1 Intention models 2.2 Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) 2.2.1 The theory of planned behavior (TPB) and its application to the field of entrepreneurship 2.2.2 Empirical evidence of application of TPB 2.3 Entrepreneurship Education Programs 2.3.1 Content 2.3.2 Pedagogy 2.4 Entrepreneurship education programs...

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