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Arguably, researchers are increasingly acknowledging the importance of entrepreneurship in economic growth. Entrepreneurship in any society is influenced by various environments. Whilst entrepreneurship supports economic growth by turning knowledge into new products, new jobs and new firms, the entrepreneurial process is not full of roses; it comes with its own challenges. The writer will discuss about entrepreneurship, define concepts and sum up the discussion through a conclusion.

Definition of key terms


Timmons (2000), believes entrepreneurship is the process of creating or seizing an opportunity and pursuing it, regardless of the resources currently controlled. Wennekers and Thurik (2001) argued that entrepreneurship is the ability and willingness of individuals, on their own, in teams within and outside existing organizations, to perceive and create new economic opportunities (new products, new production methods, new organizational schemes and new product-market combinations) and to introduce their ideas in the market, in the face of uncertainty and other obstacles, by making decisions on location, form and the use of resources and institutions. Unlike Timmons (ibid), Wennekers and Thurik believe that entrepreneurship is not limited to creating or seizing a business opportunity, there has to be willingness and ability to perceive new economic opportunities(new products, new production methods, new organizational schemes and new product-market combinations). Entrepreneurship can thus be seen as the activity of an entrepreneur.

Hisrich and Peters (1998) ,see an entrepreneur as someone creating something new with value by devoting time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, physical and social risks, and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence....

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