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ITT Technical Institute - Aurora, CO; Pensacola, FL Degree expected 12/2014
A.S. in Network Systems Administration (Attending) / GPA-to-date - 4.0

Skills * Window XP/ Vista/Windows 7/ Software Updates & Upgrades * Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point * Upgrade XP/ Vista to Windows 7 * Active Directory ExperienCE
ITT Technical Institute – Pensacola, Fl 2013 to 2014 Worked as a Federal Work Study Student that started in Administration at the school and at Milton High School assisting their IT Department * File Clerk * Assisted in Open Houses * Made Fliers for upcoming events
Milton High School Assistant to the IT Department * Trouble shoot computers/ replace Motherboards/ Build computers * Add student to Active Directory/ Reset passwords/ Add printers to individual accounts * Assign computers to teachers and students * Software updates and Smart Technology * Clean and update computers/ Trouble shoot overhead projectors

GE Wind Energy / Landrum Staffing - Pensacola, FL 2011 to 2012
Material Handler/Forklift Operator
Participated in all aspects of warehouse duties including stocking, pulling orders, and packaging. Experienced in all phases of shipping, receiving, and inventory control. Promoted safety awareness and a professional working environment. * Coordinated labor and equipment resources ensuring all jobs were completed accurately, efficiently, and in a quality manner. * Operated forklift and other bulk material transportation devices. * Established competence in shipping and receiving, inventory control, and warehousing with an emphasis on attention to detail and cost savings. * Identified areas improvement and assisted management in preventing errors and improving quality.…...

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