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1. Briefly describe the disclosures of environmental information by United Airlines, regarding methods, standards, types of metrics, and assurance.
United has implemented many initiatives relating to their aircraft and their overall operations, including a carbon offset program, efficient route and fuel planning, alternative fuels for ground support equipment, and recycling programs at several of facilities. United has also worked with their partners to introduce an environmental friendly engine wash, and they continue to advocate in the industry for a modernized air traffic control system which could reduce emissions by more than 12%. United said they’re “focusing on reducing our impact on the environment from all angles-in the air, on the ground, at our facilities, with our business partners and across our communities.”
Commitment to the Environment—1st, reduce fuel use and improve fuel efficiency of our aircraft and vehicles through technology and process innovation; 2nd, advance and utilize environmentally responsible and cost-efficient alternative fuels; 3rd, improve the sustainability of products and our facilities, and responsibly manage wastes generated by our business activities; 4th, work together with our co-workers and partner with our stakeholders-customers, airports, business partners, suppliers, governments and NGOs-to promote accountability and protect the environment while achieving our business goals.
United supports a global approach to addressing greenhouse gas (GHC) emissions in the commercial aviation industry. Together with other airlines, engine and airframe manufactures, fuel suppliers, airports, and governments, they’re working toward collective industry goals, including 1.5% average annual fuel efficiency improvement through 2020, carbon neutral growth beginning in 2020, and a 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050 relative to 2005 baseline…...