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Environmental Change and Renewable Energy

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New ideas are coming about in our understanding of the world and our effects on it. Climate change is a highly debated topic with implications that reach into various sectors. A change on how we look at our effects on the climate requires a change in how we look at transportation, manufacturing, farming, and even how we light our homes. Furthermore, it requires the participation of actors the world over. When multiple nations are required, the actions of nations are not focused on what is best for the world and its people and animals, but rather what is best for the nation itself. Climate change reaches outside our borders. Unlike an invading force, a nation cannot form an army to combat the CO2 emissions of another country. Ill-fated actions by a single nation affects the world together. How can nations ensure global cooperation using traditional political means? Climate change, and by extension oil use, affects nations differently. In order to understand the reasons of resistance or acceptance from various nations of combating climate change, the effects of the change in procedure must be examined. Each nation is invested at different levels in the fight in climate change. Money or power, survival, and public outcry are major factors that may influence a nations stance and fervor on fighting climate change and the changes required by such a fight. It is obvious that a change in energy production habits results in a change in how a nation will provide energy to its people over time. As climate conscience nations move towards renewable energy sources, there is less reliability on oil imports to produce energy. Unfortunately, this reduced reliability does not translate into less oil consumption. As nations find new ways to produce additional energy, they also find new ways to use this additional energy (J. Varner, personal communication, March 5, 2014). Energy can...

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