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|Traditional NL = anthropo- |Agent-centred and anthropo-centric, whereas |Some aspects of Kant support |BENTHAM (act) = embraced naturalism |Some agree with Mill that maximization |
|centric. Modern NL : |most ecologists prefer an ecocentric |environment. Nature works rationally – |because supported his ideas about |of welfare concerned primarily with |
|LOSSKY – humans one part |approach. Trad. VE based on NL of Aristotle |WAGENBAUR says this is a strength of |pleasure and pain. Sentient-centred |humans. Animals should be treated with |
|of the earth, as heart is one |and Aquinas. Modern VE more concerned with |Kant. Nature liberates human beings, it|i.e. animals matter. Said famously |respect, but only because beneficial to|
|part of the body. Ecocentric |character traits. Doesn’t fit easily into |reveals our autonomy. Interrelationship|about animals: “The question is not , |us, e.g. dog fighting banned because to|
|approach. |Green ethics which tends to look more at |between humans and creation who work in|Can they reason? Nor, Can they talk? |take part in such an act degrades us. |
|MURPHY – practical |consequences. But modern VE says that traits |harmony. Cruelty to animals illogical |But, Can they suffer?” |Others, e.g. SINGER, agree with |
|method of using reason to...

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