Environmental Factors

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Environmental Factors
Environmental Factors can affect businesses and have an impact on marketing decisions. The organization that was chosen for the environmental factors paper was Coca-Cola. This company’s major marketing decisions are impacted by environmental factors. This paper is intended to address the forecasts of high level global and domestic environmental factors that may impact the company’s marketing decisions and will also address the forecasts of technological change that will affect the organizations marketing decisions. An analysis of the influence of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act will also be discussed. The paper will be concluded with a summary that will analyze the importance of social responsibility and ethics related to Coca-Cola’s market offerings.
The soft drink company greets its consumers with an attractive picture of a bottle of Coca-Cola on the website. The first thing a person sees is a picture of a cool refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola. The company demonstrates the ability to successfully trade products within the global market while still satisfying customers domestically. Whether global or domestic, Coca-Cola can be seen on every billboard restaurant ad, and in magazines nationwide. Despite the company’s success, environmental factors still exist that could change the future of the company.
One article titled “The Beginning of Coca-Cola,” talks about how Coca-Cola began marketing in China in 1927. In 1979, Coca-Cola plants were introduced to China again after a 30 year absence since 1930. One environmental factor that the company faced in China was sales. The company found their products were more successful in smaller markets than in larger cities and larger retail chains. To counteract on this factor, the company developed an aggressive marketing campaign that involved new products which were geared towards the people of…...