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Environmental Health and Safety

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My course of study is Integrated Education and Health Service Administration. These Environmental Health courses provide me with ample opportunity to apply relevant knowledge to everyday life in my home and community. Being a lifelong resident of the Ohio River Valley exposes me to many of the issues that we become concerned with on a daily basis. In recent years, issues concerning point-source pollution, water-quality issues, toxic waste, and occupational health have been commonplace. Our region is and has been an industrial center, often to the detriment of local citizens. The regions’ many power plants expel pollution into our air, and expose communities downwind to acid rain and other effects, including cancer and other health issues. Sometimes, nearby communities are torn apart, as was the case in Cheshire, a small community in Gallia County. Most of the residents were bought out by AEP, which operates a large power plant that looms over the community. Higher than average rates of cancer and other health issues in Cheshire prompted the buyout. The Ohio and Kanawha Rivers are lined with chemical industries, one of which (DuPont) recently settled a water contamination suit for millions in damages. Several large oil refineries occur in the area, discharging a multitude of pollutants into our air. Coal facilities dot the area, as do natural gas facilities. These two industries have the potential to negatively impact our health, as proven by the Martin County, KY coal slurry disaster or water contamination associated with discharge of natural gas drilling chemicals in our region’s waterways. By gaining increased understanding of how these issues affect my everyday life, I can make more informed choices on what areas I should avoid living around, what local facilities have the potential to adversely affect my family’s health, and what steps I can take to minimize effects of the previously mentioned industries on our health. Therefore, I feel that this course will be very beneficial to me.

Jennifer Stroud

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