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Environmental Interupstions

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Chapter 01
Environmental Interrelationships

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An area of land in which there is little or no human development is referred to as a
A. tract development.
B. reserve.
C. wilderness.
D. multiple land use.

2. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary area of study that deals with all of the following except
A. politics.
B. economics.
C. ethics.
D. All of these are correct.

3. An ecosystem is
A. the transition zone between grassland and desert.
B. a group of interactive species and their environment.
C. a body of freshwater.
D. the lowland area on either side of a river.

4. The major benefit of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Management Plan is
A. the creation of large regions of wilderness for animals such as bison and grizzly.
B. the increase of cattle grazing on park land.
C. the increase of mining and old-growth logging on park land.
D. None of these are correct.

5. In the wilderness North much of the land
A. is owned by individuals.
B. has little economic value.
C. is characterized by a long growing season.
D. is owned by the government.

6. In which region has the original, natural ecosystem been replaced by agriculture?
A. the Middle U.S.
B. Northeastern Canada
C. the Southwest U.S.
D. the Pacific Northwest

7. Before 1993, the U.S. Forest Service sold timber-cutting rights
A. only to foreign investors.
B. at below cost.
C. at a high profit.
D. only in old-growth forests.

8. One of the major resources of the Great Lakes and Northeast is
A. coal mining.
B. old-growth.
C. water transport.
D. cash crops.

9. There a conflict between the desire to preserve wilderness and livestock management in the _____________.
A. diverse South
B. forested West
C. Great Lakes
D. dry West

10. In the southern United…...

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