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Environmental Law Case Study

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Subject : Environmental Law and Corporate Management

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Environment plays an complex medium of biotic and abiotic factor that are surrounded by all living being on the earth , among all the living being human being is in leading position that majorly associated with environment. Human life supportive system’s health is maintained by the biosphere with support of all other living creatures. The survival of all the species are highly inter connected and dependent on each other, like plants act as food for other living beings and supportive for to other species by releasing oxygen and many other benefits. Insects and all other tiny living
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The absence of these rights might takes the human life to the danger level for thier livelihood. Rights comes under this are right to adequate food, clothing, housing, and also includes adequate levels of standard of living and freedom from hunger, right to work , right to social security,
These rights are also called as positive rights of every human being. These rights are considered as fundamental rights on the concept of social equality.
Civil-Political Rights:
As stated these are the rights related to human dignity , Civil rights which deals with protection of right to life and personal liberty . To have dignified life these rights are essential for human being. Rights to life, privacy, own property, freedom from torture, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, religion. Political rights deals with rights of a person to participate in any state government. Thus, voting rights, participating in periodic elections, being part of public affairs. These civil political rights are different in nature but they are inter-related to each right. These rights are treated as negative rights as it involves government for abstaining these activities from doing those activities that would violate them.
My view on similarity between human rights and environmental
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In India every citizen has provided their own fundamental rights which includes right to freedom, equality, and life at adequate conditions in the good quality of environment that supports future generations with high dignity of life. Every human has to take some part of responsibility towards environment to enjoy their complete human rights. By having a careful and proper management of natural resources of the earth which includes air, water, land, flora and fauna represents as samples of natural ecosystem. Economic, social, civil, political development will definitely leads for better favorable living and working environment for living beings on the earth, this results the quality of life on this planet.
By the advancement of the interrelation between environment and human rights would enable the incorporation of principles of human rights towards environment. anti discriminations, protection and social participation in vulnerable groups. On other hand by strengthening the human rights systems can also support the incorporation of environmental

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