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Water and Environment Technology Modern Issues

This paper is to give you idea on the formatting of a manuscript for Journal of Water and Environment Technology (JWET).

Preparation of electronic versions
Articles should be provided in electronic form through the online submission site < >. This will help us to publish your article rapidly with fewer errors, and enable your article's inclusion in electronic archives.

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Table 1 - Conservation and Creation of Clean Water Environment. SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

Nomenclature and Units
Please take care that all terminology and notation used will be widely understood. Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelled out in full at their first occurrence in the text. SI units are strongly recommended. If non-SI units must be used, SI equivalents (or conversion factors) must also be given. Write equations in dimensionless form or in metric units. Use mg/L but not mg·L-1.


Fig. 1 - Conservation and Creation of Clean Water Environment.

Official Publication
The Society publishes the monthly domestic journal: HYPERLINK "" Journal of JSWE, its official periodical carrying various kinds of information regarding the water environment. The Society publishes also the quarterly international journal: HYPERLINK "" Journal of Water and Environment technology from online website of free access.

MRb = Nd / Ns - 1 (1) MFP = a - Ns / d (2)

The Society holds two big meetings, the JSWE Annual Meeting in the spring and the JSWE Symposium in the fall. Through the presentation and discussion of research papers, the development of a wide range of knowledge in the field of the water environment is promoted together with the mutual exchange of information among the society members.

International Cooperation
The Society participates in a wide range of international activities as a key constitution of the Japan National Committee of the IWA. One facet of these activities is the participation in the management of the IWA headquarters and sending representatives to its various committees. The Society also promotes international scientific information exchanges by giving support to the various international meetings of the IWA. The Society promotes technical research and development in areas concerning the water environment and its related fields by establishing research committees composed of members from several industries, government agencies and academic institutions.

Fig. 2 - Conservation and Creation of Clean Water Environment.

The Society promotes the diffusion of the newer knowledge and information in areas concerning the water environment by holding seminars and lectures. The Society accepts commissions for information collection, investigations and research. Such commissions serve to fulfill of the Society's social responsibility. The Society provides special information and technical advice in response to technical consultation regarding the water environment.

The Society promotes exchange of technical information among members by holding field trips to water environment related facilities. The Society is composed of approximately 3,000 individual, corporate and student members are registered. The Society establishes a Web site on the Internet, and transmits information regarding the water environment.

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(Note: Reference styles) Li....... -->> journal Abell........ -->> article in compilation Henze........ -->> multi-author work Japanese Standards........ -->> standard reference Water Research Centre.... -->> report Tamminen........ -->> thesis

Journal of Water and Environment Technology, Vol. x, No.x, pp.xx-xx, 20xx



Journal of Water and Environment Technology, Vol. x, No.x, pp.xx-xx, 20xx

Address correspondence to Taro YAMADA, Department of Environmental Engineering, Environ University, Email:
Received February 6, 2008, Accepted February 25, 2008.

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