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Environmental Protection Agency

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1) When was the environmental protection agency (EPA) formed?

- 1970

What events prompted its formation?

- The U.S. was rocked by a series of waste land toxic materials, the earth's automatic, self-cleansing, life support systems became increasingly threatened and consequently people from all walks of life and from every part of the political spectrum were expressing their anxieties on the streets and this happened to b the largest public American demonstration ever seen in America. Hence prompting President Richard Nixon transmitted Reorganization Plan No. 3 to the United States Congress by executive order, creating the EPA as a single, independent agency from a number of smaller arms of different federal agencies.

2) How did deregulation of industry during the Reagan years affect water quality and the overall power of the environmental protection agency?

- By appointing people who were flat out opposed to the mission of the agency (EPA), in an attempt to reorient the policy to favor American Businesses, President Reagan, jeopardized all efforts done by the Epa to protect the environment especially as its size and influence was curbed hence leading to poor water quality and a non effective environmental protection agency.

a) What does ‘voluntary compliance’ mean?

It was a voluntary program which was aimed at effectively dealing with a multi state pollution problem and yet failed repeatedly leaving unfulfilled the clean water act’s promise to radically reduce water pollution.

b) Why do businesses favor voluntary compliance?

Businesses simply favored voluntary compliance because it involved fewer regulations and enforcement. So in an attempt to evade responsibility from the pollution, business had to stick with a policy which made rules voluntary and not mandatory, this was made possible with the help of the voluntary compliance.


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