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Environmental Scan - Accommodation and Food Services

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What is your industry? Accommodation and Food Services
Environmental Force Issues
Competitive I used to think that restaurants are just opening their doors waiting for customers. But in fact, if you want to make a restaurant popular, you have to be very serious about quality management. The reasons people go out to eat are food and dining environment. They refer to the quality of food and quality of services and beautification. Since restaurants build their reputation on word of mouth, they have to keep customers’ satisfaction on both aspects. To ensure the quality of food, a restaurant keeps their eyes on the cooking materials, the skills of chefs, and the cleanness of the kitchen. In addition, the tastes of dishes have to adjust based on customers’ needs. On the other hand, the quality of decoration and services can distinguish a restaurant from other competitors. Every experience for customers is crucial and his employees should try their best to make the experience wonderful.
Cultural, Demographic and Social Trends The challenge to keep up with ever-changing consumer habits is critical for a successful restaurant business. Pressure to improve the nutritional value of restaurant cost will play a big role in the restaurant industry. Another growing influence on the industry is the rapid growth of different heritages in the United States will continue to drive demand for more ethnically diverse foods.

Technology We are seeing iPads as menus invade the kitchen and dining areas of restaurants. They are starting to allow customers to use iPads to place their orders. As a server, I do not like the idea of being replaced by a tablet. IPads are not suitable for restaurants that specialize in fine dining. Human interaction is very important, a machine cannot replace that, a good server brings what a machine can’t. People like to be catered to their needs....

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