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Environmental Studies-Organic

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Environmental Studies

The simple word “organic” has a lot of meaning behind it. Organic food is food that comes straight from the ground usually by farmed by a famer which takes close look at what he is growing. It also pertains to healthy animals that live their lives without being injected with anything. The farmer does not use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO’s. The food is 100% organic without any artificial growth aid. This means that al plants and animals that are on the farm are healthy and do not come into any contact with chemicals such as pesticides, hormones, or GMO’s. Organic is all about keeping plants and animals healthy but also the environment we live in healthy. There are many ways to have good soil without chemicals and some ways are composting your food. It is free and very affective. There are a lot of debates whether people should by organic or not. Some are that buying organic is more expenses because you as the consumer have to pay more for the famer that grows it. Another is if organic food has more nutrients and healthy then other foods. According to the Organic valley website, organic food is not only beneficial for people but it makes our animals, soil and planet a whole lot healthier. Organic food blocks away toxins that your body may pick up when you buy food that was processed in factories and grown with pesticides. From first hand experience I have tasted organic food and I have noticed that it is a lot more flavorful then non-organic food. Your body is your tool to do anything in life. Just like a car you need to clean your body and treat it right to have it last a long life. Humans need to realize that they need to do the same with there body. Americans are going through an obesity epidemic and there are now children that are considered obese. To me that is mind-boggling. I notice that these people eat a lot of fast...

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