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Environmental and Food Microbiology Repor

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Introduction: The microbiology of food and the environment are two very important fields in the large scope of microbiological research. Because microorganisms exist almost everywhere, it is important to determine the influences that they place on the food we depend on for survival, and the environment in which we humans call home. In this lab, we conducted five experiments in these two fields, and in doing so gained a better understanding of the influences and importance of microbes in food and the environment. The first exercise was the enumeration of soil microbes. This experiment showcased the immense diversity of bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungi found in soil. This diversity ranges from microbes that are beneficial to the environment by decomposing dead organic matter into energy sources usable by other organisms, to the pathogenic bacterial and fungal spores that can infect humans and animals alike. The techniques used are serial dilutions, which allow for quantification and a close estimation of the amount of said organisms found in a soil sample. (1) The second exercise that we conducted was the microbiology of water experiment. This is a very important standardized experiment used to determine the density of coliforms found in a 100 mL sample of water. It also can be used more specifically to determine the density of Escherichia coli, which can cause food poisoning amongst other illnesses. The techniques used are the multiple tube fermentation method, which involves three different media and multiple serial dilutions. (2) The third exercise was the ammonification experiment. Ammonification is the production of ammonia resulting from the decomposition of nitrogen from dead and decaying organic matter or animal wastes. It is an important source of nitrogen for plants and this test is used to determine the presence of ammonifying microbes in a soil...

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