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Epstein's Three Types Of Parent Involvement

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Parenting Epstein’s first type of parent involvement is parenting. The school should help families to establish home environments that support students. Teachers should listen to parents concerns and provided ways to support them. The school offer parents educational workshops, family support groups, home visits, and informal conversations. (Coleman 2013, p.25). These workshops and form of supports can assist parents in understanding child development. Parents should have online resources where they can obtain information to better support his/her child.

Epstein’s second type of parent involvement is communication. The communication between the teacher and the parent has a great impact on the student’s education. (Coleman 2013, p.25) Teachers should alway be available to the parents of their students. Fourth grade teachers should be available through phone or e-mail. Parents should know the best times to reach their children’s teachers. Parent and teacher communication is very important and it need to be courteous. All the information shared by the parent to the teacher needs to be kept confidential. Parents should have various opportunities to meet with the teacher for …show more content…
Volunteering is an essential part of parent involvement and is the bond between family-school and community. Parents should always have opportunities to volunteer in school functions and fundraisers throughout the school year. Parents should get involved by volunteering to chaperone fourth grade trips. During the school year the OUE PTA organizes a reading week carnival in the spring and parent volunteers come to support. Parents set up and run the carnival booths. The schools also conducts Fall and Spring fundraisers which are run by OUE PTA. Parents are the one in charge of organizing the volunteers for all the school functions. These are various examples of how parents volunteer in school. (Coleman

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