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Equality for Americans

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Equality for Americans

Noah Webster said that, "Equality - the soul of the republic". For more understanding, it is worth to hold a digression into history. In 1787, only white people were considered as free people. African-Americans, on the other hand, were enslaved and recognized as "other". Women were deemed as men’s property and, accordingly, that meant their inability to vote for anything. Therefore, in this paper the concept of equality for Americans from the past till now will be considered.

The basic document for modern people, the Constitution, which guarantees equality and full rights, has been corrected many times. It is worth mentioning the amendments 8, 9 and 10, which abolished slavery and guaranteed equal rights to everyone including African-Americans and the other ethnic groups. Amendment 19 carries the right to vote for women ratified due to suffragists’ motion. Amendment 24 abolished the poll tax, which was created to hold African-Americans, most of whom were poor, from voting. These amendments helped Americans become an equal nations union and established justice.

From the very beginning, the American colonies had been far from Europe and its aristocratic rule. When a person has to withstand hunger, disease, and the other dangers on an uncharted ground, everyone is a friend to him and does not matter if he is the son of a merchant or a graph. The lack of power has made men free and equal in the visible sense. Equality was laid there from the very beginning and was the motivation for the majority who stepped on the shores of America. Without these concepts, the foundations of democracy would not have been laid. The happy country can be described only when all its citizens feel free and equal.

Inequality exists in America, but it is not based on hereditary feudal nobility as it was in Europe. Inequality manifests itself in such things as knowledge, wealth, language, intelligence, family and the title. It is also worth noting that equality does not mean to decrease the level of a rich man’s wealth up to the poor. Equality is not a device to erase social differences between people. It is the ability to have a chance to be better than others, to get rich".

There are many groups who felt humiliated by others. They include national minority (Arab, Asian, Latino, Native American, and African-Americans), women, and people with other sexual orientations (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders). However, the situation has changed now. A person can safely say that he is a gay and can marry and adopt children, women have equal rights with men, and national minorities get the same rights as the other citizens after receiving citizenship. Perhaps, settlers of the recent years still do not have sufficient wealth to allow their children to study in college and university, but because of grants and scholarships, some of them can, and together with this, get a chance for a good life.

There was a time when white population had benefits from inequality of the other races; however, these times have passed. Now there is no situation when a black inhabitant cannot get a good job. Nobody is judged by his/her appearance, but by knowledge and perseverance. Everybody has equality and opportunity to live well regardless of skin color or origin. One can confidently say that the quality and standard of living has increased.

In conclusion, the phrase of Noah Webster is completely justified and correct. Americans believe in equality, and it is right. Without equality, there would be no democracy. Where the rights of people are humiliated, there is chaos and totalitarianism.

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