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Raeven Kaynette G. Benamer
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Equilibrated Life

The advances on both health and technology that humanity has achieved as of today is one proof of how skilled and adept we have become. We keep inventing and discovering things that will help us and make our lives easier and tranquil. But, as time passes by we tend to be more dependent on these certain advances. We choose to be blind and not see how beneficial it is if we would take initiative if we would start acting right. We misuse, abuse and exhaust our body to its extent. Others do it for money, for a particular goal or purpose, the lack cautiousness and others simply because of boredom.

If this will continue, I wouldn’t be shock if one day our ignorance will kill us.

Our poor and irresponsible actions affect the people around us and ourselves of course. It damages our body externally and internally. The effects may not be obvious now but sooner or later it will be and we will start regretting the foolish actions we have done. We will only realize the value of preventing when cure is not obtainable anymore.

Do not dig your own grave.

One of the things which we don’t pay attention to is the Circulatory and Respiratory System. The health of the respiratory and circulatory system is critical and vital to our overall health. They both play a very important role in sustaining our body with its essential needs and enabling them to work accordingly without fail. We are not unfamiliar with these two systems; we have studied these in our past and present years of schooling. But why is that a lot of people still don’t realize its value and are likely to abuse it? Was our knowledge inadequate? Is it really that hard? Is it that difficult to discipline yourself and avoid the things that would lead to your downfall?

The answer is of course a NO. It is not that hard to keep your respiratory and...

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